to make money
How to make money with cryptocurrency

How to make money with cryptocurrency

Due to the high pace of development of the crypto industry and various sectors, I decided to make a selection of the most relevant opportunities to make money in the crypto.


It’s no secret that the best investments are investments in projects at the early stages of their development. Namely, on crowdsales, which often bring good returns on the initial investment.

to make money
to make money
to make money

Here are examples of some of them that showed good xx in the output:

  • Mina: sale price 0.25, now 3.18
  • Centrifuge: sale price 0.38, now 0.98
  • Qredo: sale price 0.225, now 4.46
  • NEAR: sale price 0.4, now 8.81
  • Solana: sale price 0.22, now 179.25
  • Flow: the price of the sale is 0.1, now it is 8.43.
    There was a lock of tokens for a year and the project was able to stay at 100 x in a year. Users invested $ 1,000 and took more than $ 50,000 a year later. The remaining 50% of tokens will be taken away again in a year.

Successful tokens on Coinlist

But due to the high demand on the platform, the queues for sales began to reach 600 thousand users. Many of the participants create dozens or even hundreds of multiacquants in order to have more opportunities to get a good line and invest in the project. But even with such users, the coinlist began to fight, creating the possibility of pumping the so-called “Karma”, which gives a priority queue.

Profitability of IEO platforms.

Often, to participate, you need to hold exchange tokens: BNB, FTT, HT from Huobi, and so on. You are given a certain number of tickets to participate based on how many tokens you hold. After that, the exchange announces the results and if there is a winning one among your tickets, then you get a guaranteed allocation to the project. These are often small amounts from $ 200 to $ 1000.


Dependence on central exchanges did not appeal to crypto investors, which led to the emergence of a new IDO (Initial DEX Offering) model. It assumes the same as the ICO, but on a decentralized crypto exchange, which means that a startup does not need to create an infrastructure to sell its tokens and take care of adding them to the listings of crypto exchanges.

The most popular and profitable IDO platforms.

Some of the most popular and lucrative IDO platforms include Seedify, BSCPad, GameFi Red Kite, and Dao Maker. Previously, PolkaStarter also showed good profit.


The next way to make money is HOLD. This term is commonly used to refer to crypto investors who do not sell their funds regardless of whether the price goes up or down.



Continuing the topic of long-term investment, let’s move on to staking. Staking can be compared to a bank deposit. In fact, this is a way of passive earnings, in which the user receives interest from the funds blocked on the Proof of Stake algorithm. Staking ensures the operability of such a blockchain, and holders receive interest on their contribution to the blockchain (as well as in the bank). The percentage depends on the project.

Landing page

Another way to make a passive income is a landing page. Landing page involves the temporary transfer of cryptocurrency at interest either to an exchange, which thereby increases liquidity, or to individuals. The transferred funds are blocked in the smart contract.

  1. Fixed contract. Has a certain period (for example, 10, 15, 30 days, etc.), and a higher interest rate. Funds can be withdrawn only after the expiration of the contract.

Nodes and testnets

Moving on. And let’s move on to the nodes and testnets. Recall that a network node is a server that is part of the blockchain and ensures the execution of the consensus algorithm. The nodes interact with each other to ensure the safety and health of the network. By itself, the installation of a node does not give any rewards, first of all, it is just an initiative to support the project.

  1. Non-Incentivised is when there are no stipulated rewards. But, by the way, sometimes it still happens.
Rewarding testnet participants.
Rewarding testnet participants.
Rewarding testnet participants


Airdrop is a free coin giveaway to early adopters. In fact, an airdrop is a marketing ploy that aims to spread information about the project, build a community, attract investors and develop infrastructure. Most often, to get free coins, you need to follow simple steps, for example, make a post on social networks about the project, subscribe to official communities, comment or carry out several operations in the ecosystem.


Bounty programs are somewhat similar to Airdrop. No investment is required to participate in such a program. You need to complete certain tasks from the team, for which it will pay in tokens. However, this is more like a prescribed game: there are specific tasks with a fixed amount of reward. Tasks can be different, for example, searching for bugs, reposts in social. networks, writing posts, design, testing, forum moderation or translations of materials into other languages. These programs usually last for several weeks.

Ambassador and referral programs

Ambassador and referral programs are also aimed at expanding the community. In the case of an ambassador, you become, as it were, a representative of the project and interact with the audience, and are looking for the same enthusiasts as yourself. You also perform other actions that are aimed at increasing popularity. You can say that you are a marketer and you are rewarded for it. Most often, such cooperation lasts for several months, but with long-term plans, the program can work for years. Usually, in order to become a participant in an ambassador program, you need to pass a small introductory test.

P2E (Play-to-Earn)

Play-to-Earn (P2E) is a new way to make money in video games where gamers can earn cryptocurrencies and NFT tokens. In the past few months, the trend on P2E has begun to develop rapidly and attract more and more new users who are interested in making a profit. The number of games has already exceeded 200, while they occupy up to 45% of the traffic of all decentralized applications. Now this trend is singled out as a separate direction of GameFi (Game Finance).


In conclusion, I want to remind you that almost all methods of making money in a crypt are high-risk operations.

  • research the technical documents and the roadmap.
  • carefully consider the site of the project, how well it is made and whether there are actual or logical errors, typos. Usually, their presence indicates that the site is whipped up to divert the eyes.
  • evaluate the list of investors who supported the project. There should be reliable companies among them.
  • You can also check if the code has been reviewed by a third party (for example, another project that specializes in auditing). The presence of such a check indicates a thorough approach to security.

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