Jim Rohn, A Famous Entrepreneur in Network Marketing

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Jim Rohn AKA Emmanuel James Rohn was born in the year 1930, in a place called Yakima in Washington US, and was brought up as a farm boy. He was the only child of his parents and didn’t complete his college, as he left to join the Company called Sears as an HR Manager.

It was in the year 1955, at the age of 25 he met his life-changing moment after meeting John Earl Shoaff, an Entrepreneur in a public meeting. John was a very successful business entrepreneur with a direct selling company called Abundivita and Jim joined the company as a distributor.

However, he resigned from the same company after 2 years and joined another direct selling company NutriBio along with his mentors. Jim Rohn after joining the company built one of the largest organizations and was appointed as VP for the same company.

Again in 1960, NutriBio went out of business and Jim Rohn was invited to speak in a public meeting with Rotary International. After this event, Emanuel James became a well-known public speaker and was invited all over the country. He is definitely a great leader, inspiration to millions of Network Marketers around the world.

Who is Jim Rohn?

Jim Rohn is one of the Finest American Public speakers in history who has mentored top entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, and Mark R Hughes (Herbalife Founder). He passed away in the Year 2009, December 5 due to a sickness called Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Even after the long years of his death, his teachings are echoed all over the world and helped millions to succeed in life. Jim Rohn was awarded in 1985 by the National Speakers Association for his excellence in Public Speaking. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest coaches in personal development and a public speaker.

Jim Rohn Net Worth:

Jim Rohn was a very humble man and always wanted his life to be meaningful to others, helping them to succeed. There are no exact numbers but Jim Rohn’s Net worth estimation was around $400-$500 Million USD till the year 2009 when he passed away.

His earning comes from many sources such as publishing books, seminars, events, and many other ads also. He also did a lot of charity works for the poor and is always remembered for his simple and meaningful approach in life.

Jim Rohn’s Wife & Family:

In the year 1972 Jim Rohn marries a beautiful woman known as Judy and had a very happy married life. This happened at the time when Jim was with Best line Products Company and with Bill Bailey.

Unfortunately, his marriage with Judy Rohn didn’t last long and the couple filed for divorce in 1978. Later after his divorce, Jim then married a lady named Yvonne in the year 1984, at the Cathedral called Crystal. Jim had two beautiful daughters and will always be remembered for his great contribution to the life of others.

Jim Rohn Books on Success & Personal Development:

Throughout his life of dedication for the welfare of others, Emmanuel James Rohn has written more than 20 Books. His books were based on the importance of self-development in life for any success. 8 of the most famous books written by Jim Rohn are:

#1. The 7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness:

The 7 Strategies for wealth was originally published in the year 1985 and gave advice on human habits, finances, and improving lifestyle.

#2. My Philosophy for Successful Living:

This book explains a clear strategy on how to live a successful and meaningful life and one of the real-life experiences of Jim Rohn

#3. Twelve Pillars:

Jim along with Chris Widener wrote this famous successful inspirational book and depicted the life of the fictional Michael Jones life-changing experience with the 12 Pillars.

#4. 5 Major Pieces to the Life-Puzzle:

The Five Major Pieces was first published in Year 1991 and explains why only a few people succeed in life. Jim covers the most important components to success which are attitude, philosophy, activity, lifestyle, and results.

#5. The Art of Exceptional Living:

As the name suggests Jim Rohn talks about doing ordinary things in an exceptional way every single day. This book was published in the year 1993 and is one of the most famous books explaining everything in a simple way.

#6. Leading an Inspired Life:

The book ‘leading an inspired life’ was first published in the year 1996 and talks about becoming the best version of you.

#7. The Treasury of Quotes:

Originally published in 1994, the treasury of quotes shares Jim’s 30 years of experience to help personals and businesses to achieve the success they always dream about.

#8. Seasons of Life:

The Seasons of life was published in 1981 and talks about the correlation between our real life and the 8 seasons in nature. This is about sowing and reaping in life, and is one of the must-read books by Jim Rohn.

Jim Rohn & Herbalife:

Herbalife was founded by Mark R Hughes in the year 1980 in the US and since then has been ranked in the Top 10 Best Network Marketing companies. Jim Rohn had personally trained the founder of Herbalife and because of his mentorship, the company gets amazing growth.

As long as Herbalife remains as a Network Marketing company, the contribution of Jim Rohn will always be remembered. After his death, the company gave a great tribute to the Rohn Family and Mark quoted his success as because of Jim’s mentorship.

Famous Jim Rohn Quotes for Network Marketers:

Jim Rohn’s quotes about the Network Marketing industry have been a great inspiration for many Network Marketers. He was a leader who always focuses on developing others to make them worthy of a great income & lifestyle. Some of the most famous Jim Rohn quotes are:

#1. About Network Marketing & Franchise Business:

Network Marketing is the Big Wave of the Future. It’s taking the place of franchise biz which now requires many capital investments for the average person.

#2. Working for someone else:

If you fail to design your own life plan, chances are you’ll always fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not Much

#3. Network Marketing & the American Dream:

Network Marketing is really one of the greatest sources of grass-root Capitalism, because it teaches people how to take a small bit of capital, which is your time, and build the real American dream.

#4. Importance of Self Education:

Formal Education will make you just a living; however, self-education will make you a Fortune.

#5. No Excuse:

If you really want to do something desperately, you will always find a way. If you don’t want, you will find an excuse.

Final Words:

There are 1000s of entrepreneurs who had done a great contribution to the human race with their great values and characters. Jim Rohn is one of the greatest Entrepreneurs of all time, who had mentored Tony Robbins & Brian Tracy. He will always be remembered for his simple yet powerful teachings making people easily understand. If you are a success-minded businessman, Network Marketer, or entrepreneur, you will always find value in his teachings.



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