MONEYNET ICO Bounty Campaign!

We are now launching MONEYNET ICO’s Bounty program. Bounty programs are well known as great money-making opportunities for anybody with social media exposure and who is willing to complete assigned tasks while meeting the requirements of bounty campaigns. Through MONEYNET’s bounty program, we are giving away a total of 200,000,000 MNC for bounty campaign participants! Ready to go Bounty Hunting? Here are more details.

MONEYNET is looking for blockchain and crypto enthusiasts for the following Bounty Programs: YouTube Campaign, Signature (Bitcointalk) Campaign. Twitter Campaign, Facebook & Instagram Campaign and Naver Blog Campaign (Korean online platform).

MONEYENT tokens will be distributed across these 5 campaigns and you can register for each platform below:

1. YouTube (25%, 50,000,000 MNC) Register here

2. Bitcointalk Signature (10%, 20,000,000 MNC) Register here

3. Twitter (7.5%, 15,000,000 MNC) Register here

4. Facebook & Instagram (7.5%, 15,000,000 MNC) Register here

5. Naver Blog (50%, 100,000,000 MNC) See details in Korean

** MONEYNET Bounty program will run until the end of Token Sale. **

IMPORTANT NOTICE : while registering in any Bounty campaign, please notice that you can use only one account for each platform. You can join more than one MONEYNET Bounty campaign, but you must register for each Bounty Campaign separately. You can upload up to THREE postings per week for each campaign. Also, don’t forget to complete MONEYNET Bounty Campaign Submission to receive rewards after participating in the bounty program.(No submissions needed for Bitcointalk Signature/Twitter/Facebook & Instagram Bounty Campaigns.)

To sum up, the MONEYNET Bounty program registration process is as following: Bounty Campaign Registration → Participation (uploading postings) → Bounty Program Submission.

To learn more about our projects, ICO and token pre-sales, please visit our dedicated page on the MONEYNET ICO website.

Feel free to join the MONEYNET Bounty Program today! Thank you to everyone involved!