AMA: Community feedback is very valuable to us

Our last AMA (Ask me anything) was all about testing, since we are in the test phase at the moment. Our supporters have already given us some great responses after the first days of testing, and we are looking forward to receiving further feedback. During testing, questions pop-up, and who can answer them better than our product manager, Goran Bosankić. With the help of our CIO, Urban Cjuha, he managed to answer all the questions and gave our community some concrete insight into the platform development.

Članek je na voljo tudi v slovenščini TUKAJ.

I see some linked accounts. What kind of accounts will you have, or can you link? Your other accounts, or maybe advisors accounts?
This part of the app is for integrating with existing crypto exchange accounts and to your bank account (info only) through our provider, SaltEdge. At this point, we support Bitstamp and Livecoin for direct API integration, and through SaltEdge, all banks that are supported by them (you can find the list here). Hover over SaltEdge’s coverage map to check our ever-growing number of supported countries and providers. Find out if your bank is connected.

What is the emergency “pie chart” on the platform? What does it represent?
The platform itself has a financial education purpose. That is why there are three main pillars every person should respect when managing their finances: Wallet or daily cash, investment, and emergency. You spend your daily cash on a daily basis, you invest for the long term and emergency is for one off expenses you don’t count on (buying a gift for your girlfriend when you mess up something really bad :-)).

So, emergency will be just a short term investment that I can take out anytime I want and deposit into my bank account?
Yes, or a “rainy day” fund. But this is more financial advisory now, so let’s continue on with the product.

I would say thank you for the release on time. Just curious, how fast you will apply the fixes to all reported ‘bugs’?
We are working continuously as we speak, so that part is covered. The production version will be bug free.

Are these tools going to be updated, and how? Will you listen to the community and platform users and update the tools, or is the team over time going to decide for potential add in tools?
Of course, as we have been doing the entire time, community feedback is very valuable to us. This product is a live thing, and we will continuously evolve it.

Who, of the original MoneyRebel team, is going to be on the platform, as an advisor? Which sector of advising?
MoneyRebel won’t have advisors, but Mitja and Nataša from the MR team will be on the platform as advisors, independent of MoneyRebel.

So, this is the 2nd round of testing. When will the platform be ready to start operating?
We are in the main testing stage actually, and we expect the platform to be fully operational very, very soon. What you are testing right now is actually on the production environment infrastructure (don’t tell anyone). ;).

What do you suggest is the minimum amount of deposit tokens, let’s say, MRP on the platform, so you can afford one advisor for 3 months and maybe some 2 min. investments? Will you have some kind of criteria for investing, like for example: if you want to invest in this … the minimum buy-in is 1,300 MRP? Or, is that really your own choice. I want to invest 2 euros? :-)
When using advisor services, advisors will set their own prices. Everything related to investing is in between you and the advisor.

Will arbitrage be also included in platform in near future, or not?
Arbitrage is already operational and is in the test phase; a lot of exchanges and pairs are being added weekly. When arbitrage will be available to supporters, it is not known yet.

Tips on how to simply create or restore your MR wallet! More…

When will you integrate more banks and some more news sources? Security matters the most — will there be some stress ‘tests’ for ‘hacks’?
Hi, several questions here: 1. Banks: as said, we are using SaltEdge for this, and all of the banks they support are on the platform. We are proud to say that we managed to bring NLB to their offering, since they were not present before. News: yes, we will add some new ones in later stages, and introduce more filtering options. Stress test: Yes, we have a partner that will perform a security test before production is released. We did a minor check before this pilot, and it went well (that is why you are using the platform now. :))

I am interested if there will be desktop version for the platform?
Yes, there is a web client that is in the internal testing phase, and will be released in production. But, since we are mobile first, the emphasis is on that.

The beginning of public use of the MoneyRebel platform — the fourth round — do you have any timelines for that, more precisely?
Urban: There is no set public release date, as yet.

What is the medium-term, long-term goal? How many users — app downloads do you expect? Android + IOS together?
: Millions. ;-)

Will you have the option, like on Medium or Pinterest, to choose which news category you are interested in?
This actually depends on the source itself, and if it provides categorization, but yes, we are considering this.
Urban: This depends on the provider; you can choose which source of news you want to read. The focus is on financial news, but what categories of news you want to read, depends on what the source is publishing.

Are there, at the same time as the community, also some advisors testing the platform for themselves, like what an advisory account would look like?
: Yes, they actually started testing their part before, and are testing as we speak. Part of this test is also advisory, i.e. a free checkup response is coming from a real advisor.

I saw the news on the platform, and all the news is together. Will there be some kind of categorization of news, like crypto?
This actually depends on the source itself, and if it provides categorization, but yes, we are considering this.

Development of further advisory tool functionalities — which tools, or is it a secret till 2019?
We have a team of experts working on the specifications as we speak, on some very complex tools for portfolio rebalancing and tax optimizations.
Mateja: Actually, we have already revealed tools for Milestone 2. You can read more about them HERE.

In what languages is the platform programmed on? Python, java? What is the frontend, and what about the backend?
Java for the backend, Angular for web, and native for mobile.

All of the backend is java? I thought there was also some python going on. Or some jquery for mobile apps or the web …
It’s all java. It’s enterprise grade security and scalability. We expect a lot of users.

For applying or registering on the platform, how come you can login with Facebook or Twitter? You have to do a KYC for registering on the platform, but if you have a fake account on Twitter, how does that go together?
Social login is a standard today so we decided to include it. But KYC is still needed for advanced operations, since we can only trust the data we can verify, and are obliged to by law.

Which part of the development was most difficult, and is it a ‘hardcore’ field for the future?
All of it. We consider the advanced advisory tools that are in preparation now to be the most challenging since they must incorporate local tax legislation per each country.

How flexible is the platform & architecture for emergency scenarios if eth will be gone in a few years and eos or icx or neo will take over? Or will the btc network with rings be a faster, better and cheaper solution that you can adopt platform the platform to, or not? It will be possible to switch to another, or not?
The wallet we have is on an ETH network, supporting ERC-20 tokens. If something else becomes more relevant, we will add it.

But if you can login with social and you cannot do anything, you need a KYC, then there is no point for social login to be …
It is an option that one can choose to use or not.

Are there, at the same time, as in the community, there also some advisors testing the platform for themselves, like what an advisory account would look like?
True, team and selected advisors are testing the advisor part of the platform. Let’s leave this for now since the current open beta is for the mobile app only.

Do you recommend storing mrp tokens on the platform, or mew or ledger?
Technically, there is no difference between all of them, they are real wallets, and you as the owner of mnemonics and/or passwords control the wallet. For storing higher amounts of crypto, I personally would use a hardware wallet.

So, what is in the focus now. Mainly Slovenia? I know you are going to say worldwide and yet can’t wait for that, but the plan of targeted people or countries? What is the first mark?
Slovenia for first release, followed by 2 EU countries. We will focus on the EU.

How many programmers do you have in the team, and how many outsourced?
: The entire team on the platform is outsourced.

What will be in the category “Library”?
There is a lot of false or misleading information online. The MoneyRebel Platform will include a comprehensive, electronic library of pre-selected e-books and videos to help users improve their financial literacy.

But there is probably going to be some kind of free, 1st info session, or not?
: If the advisor selects that he is available for a free checkup, an MR client will have one free check-up available.

What is the function of restore wallet on wallets in the platform? If I lose my money, I can restore it? (kidding, though)
Restore is an option for you to access your wallet if you lose your phone, or change it. By entering the mnemonics from the initial setup, you can restore your access to your wallet. If you lose the mnemonics, then there is no way back. This is how all crypto wallets work.

Could I use the platform for just the wallet and exchanges? No advisors?
: Yes, but you are not using the full potential of it then. ;)

Could I buy MRP directly when I come to the platform with my bitcoins, or will I need an exchange first? Of some of your ‘pool mrp’?
For now, the purchase of MRPs is via an exchange only due to regulation requirements in Slovenia where the company is based. In the near future, we will turn on this option, since it is supported on the platform itself.

Then what does the portfolio of the advisor look like and how are there going to be any references or his previous work/achievements to see if he is really qualified for me to trust him/her?
: When checking the advisor you will have an overview of the advisor’s specialties, info on his work and his rating from the platform. But be aware that any advisor taking part in the platform must go through a due diligence process and make a security deposit, so trust is paramount for us here.

Will you — would you sell the platform to some banks or VC’s in future? Or, this is a MoneyRebel project, and will stay that way?
: We are not there yet to think about these kinds of questions.

Any news about — arbitrage?
: Arbitrage is already running and is in the test phase; a lot of exchanges and pairs are being added weekly. When arbitrage will be available to supporters, it is not yet known.

Where is a user’s manual(s) for MoneyRebel app?
Goran: We have tooltips in the app.

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