AMA, Goran Bosankić: We are going to support all ERC20 based tokens

Talking about MoneyRebel platform development is always interesting. This time, our community members had even more questions than usual, and our product manager Goran Bosankić managed to answer them all! He discussed with our community topics such as future advisors, features, prices, automation and future AI solutions, as well as about MR wallet, one of the most wanted features. He had a lot of interesting information!

AltsSatoshi: Will there be a referral system as well? Also, will advisors with higher rankings have higher prices? What about the legal aspects, should someone advise a fraud or a scam? Who will handle such situations?
We do not have any referral systems in place. Advisors will define their own pricing, we will aim to omit dumping. We are performing due diligence of advisors and mandating a security deposit in tokens for the advisors. Legal pursuit is not in the platform scope, but we will constantly monitor the security and credibility of the advisors we let onto the platform.

CryptoYoda: When advisors will get paid with crypto, will tax automatically be cut for the government? And how long will the funds be locked in case of fraud or negative ratings?
Sorry, we can’t answer the tax part currently. Regarding lock part, that will be defined per each individual case.

Knoxwill Jhonny: When will we have the MRP wallet?
Our timeline will be officially revealed by the end of this week. Stay tuned.

CryptoYoda: Regarding the advisors’ module, what security checks will you have and how will “fraud” module look like? And who will be in charge of solving it within the company?
Advisor onboarding process will be done by our internal MR team. None of the advisors will be able to join the platform without passing their due diligence.

AndrejŽ: Will there be any smart or AI features already included?
Not yet, but soon. We have an AI team already working on the models for Milestone 2.

Sala Mim: How many developers are there in the team? Also which countries are going to be targeted for use first?
We have a 16-member team on board. Regarding the countries, Slovenia will of course go first, with France and Italy almost at the same time.

CypherOG: Will you have a direct gateway? (Visa, PayPal?)
Hi, if you mean by card acceptance, then yes. We are in the process of contract signing with a major EU acquirer. That’s all I can say for now.

CryptoYoda: Which exchanges will be integrated into the MoneyRebel Platform?
As you might know, we already have Bitstamp integrated, and we are also going to have Livecoin, but our goal is to keep adding exchanges as we go, since this platform will constantly grow and evolve.

CypherOG:: Will my bank account or bank accounts from different banks be connected with the MR app?
Integration of banking accounts for viewing purpose will be available via the SaltEdge service that we are integrating into the platform. Essentially, your bank account info will be visible on the MR platform if the bank is supported by SaltEdge.

Tilen: When the platform comes out, will the price of MRP rise? Since it has been under 5 cents for a month already?
we cannot comment on the price of MRP tokens. It depends on the market demand.

CryptoKnuckles: If Bitstamp is added, how will that relation work? You can only buy btc eth ltc xrp and bch on Bitstamp. Where can one send it to exchange for mrp?
MRP trading will not use Bitstamp.

CypherOG: Will N26 be available or no?
We are integrating one of the largest European financial data providers, SaltEdge, through which MoneyRebel users will be able to connect their banking account info from thousands of banks. N26 is one of them.

Tony: Are you currently keeping up with all the deadlines in development? And is it possible that you will develop some of the features that were not funded?
1. Yes 2. Development takes time, time is money.

CryptoYoda: Which cryptocurrencies will be added to the MR wallet? Top100 CMC, or will you list one by one — and if so, based on what criteria?
We are going to support all ERC20 based tokens + have an option of adding custom ERC 20 based tokens.

AltsSatoshi: Milestone 3: MR Banking, Milestone 4: MR Smart Banking — will they be developed in the future or no?
Never say never. We will inform you about our future plans very soon, that’s all I can say right now.

KingofCrypto: What is AI’s function on the platform?
The AI function will come with the second phase and the introduction of smart tools for advisors.

KingofCrypto: Smart tools? Like exchange AI tools and bots for trading crypto? Maybe suggestions about the best pump coin?
Smart tools will be available for the advisors in Milestone 2 in terms of portfolio management. Exchange and trading AI functions are reserved for, the arbitrage part of the MoneyRebel project that will utilize them in the future.

CryptoYoda:: Were there any bugs found during the period of beta testing? And if so, are they fixed already?
Yes and yes, and constantly improving. :-)

AltsSatoshi:: In portfolio management on the platform — will there be data from CMC, or another source?
For the Fiat assets, we will use various sources (national bank, exchange aggregation service etc.). For crypto, CMC is the main source, with the addition of ticker integrations from the biggest exchanges. Aside from that, we will be constantly expanding that part (direct tickers).

AltsSatoshi: Customizable news feed — will this look like RSS, or perhaps like Twitter, or will it be latest news from media of our choosing?
Latest news from media of your choice, using their RSS feeds.

CryptoYoda: The biggest challenge in the realization of platform, right? If not, what is?
A simple and easy wallet for sure. But we are overcoming it.

CryptoKnuckles: How can I register on the platform as an advisor? What previous experience do I need? What terms do I need to meet?
T&C for Advisor will be published in the weeks to come. Make sure to follow our official channels to stay tuned.

CryptoKnuckles: With what tokens can you pay on the platform? Not just MRP, I assume?
MRP is the utility token of the platform, so MRP only in terms of crypto.

CypherOG: How many advisors will there be registered on the platform at first? What will happen to the “bad” advisors if they end up having bad reviews? Will they get banned from the platform?
We have several pre-signed advisor companies already, but cannot disclose them yet. Regarding bad reviews, those alone would be bad for those advisors’ business, but yes, we will address each of them case by case. Clients will be protected at all times in order for them to be provided with the best possible service.

KingofCrypto: Is MoneyRebel platform going to be run on a private blockchain of your own? Or just a public ether blockchain?
Advisor identity vault, coming in the later stage, will utilize public blockchain.

Tony: When will you publish the timeline for the next period?
EOW — End of week.

CryptoKnuckles: W:ill I have a direct wallet on the dashboard of the platform to be able to send tokens to an exchange etc. later on? Will the wallet on the platform be like my own MEW integrated into the MR platform? Or a different kind?
Yes, the wallet is a full blown MEW-like wallet type that you can use to send and accept all ERC-20 based tokens. The basic idea is to make it a simple onboarding process for people who are less skilled and find MEW too complicated, but still want to have easy access to crypto. For example, by having this wallet on our platform, investing in ICOs will be a piece of cake.

CypherOG: Ways of depositing fiat money onto the platform? Will you have some sort of UPN/SEPA as well? Like on Bitstamp?
We do not support deposit of FIAT money. We are not an exchange or a trading platform.

CypherOG: “We will partner with Ripple to execute transactions between banks without using the traditional SWIFT network” — is this already in motion?
Ripple is something that will be interesting to us once we enter the banking phase, for sure.

CypherOG: What about other alternatives to Ripple? Stellar, Dash? Perhaps trying to partner with more of them, is that the goal, or is MoneyRebel trying to have a small number of partners?
One step at a time. We are focusing on launching the platform with the main features of Milestone 1: a Marketplace of Advisors, portfolio management, easy entrance to crypto, a single point of management for your assets. Later on, we will look into all these alternatives, of course.

CryptoUnicorn: What is your previous experience Goran? As a project manager.
There is no time to list them all here today :) You are free to check my LinkedIn profile of course, let’s keep this AMA to MR related topics.

CypherOG: Will there be some kind of new website? You are now past a great ICO. Will there be updates on the website, or will it stay the same and the platform will be where all the power is at?
Yes, we are preparing a new website, and the first phase will be introduced to you by the end of this week. Along with some other exciting news!

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