AMA, Mitja Vezovišek: MoneyRebel Platform will offer easy entrance to crypto and an integrated crypto payment

MoneyRebel ICO ended and there are a lot of questions as to what is coming up next these days. That’s why we invited our CEO Mitja Vezovišek to an “Ask me anything” session in our Telegram Group. Read more about how we will be implementing advisors, about exchanges and further development below.

CryptoYoda: How will new institutional investors join in the future? Will they be buying MRP on the exchange or will they enter in a company ‘stocks’ mode with fiat?
Mitja Vezovišek, MoneyRebel CEO:
Of course institutional investors will want to enter with the company structure, but we will construct our offering in a way that will benefit our supporters as well. That means we are putting MRP tokens on the table at every occasion. But just to be clear, our total supply is low, so it will take just a fraction of future investment to please token holders.

Miha: Will Money Rebel implement green addresses?
Urban, MoneyRebel CIO:
If that means green bar on browser, then yes.

AltsSatoshi: How many new exchanges will there be for MRP token (planned)?
As you know, MoneyRebel Platform will offer easy entrance to crypto and an integrated crypto payment. So we won’t need as many exchanges as others, but we will get our tokens listed on one of the top exchanges for sure. But that takes time … and money. An we don’t want to pay 1 mio just for a listing!

AltsSatoshi: If I become an advisor for a certain field, how will the payments be handled if, for example, someone doesn’t pay at the end? Or do they pay when we begin? And how will scam be handled? Any details about the rating system?
Good question! We will handle this with deposits of MRP tokens for managing disputes and leveraging trust. Regarding payment, it will all happen in advance, with deposits from advisors securing the trust of users in case of disputes.

AltsSatoshi: How will security and GDPR compliance be handled?
We already solved this! We are both GDPR compliant and have bank level security.

Berny: What product are you planning on offering to your investors? And are you planning to advise about trading crypto and if so, in what way?
First of all, we will have an Advisory board — best rated advisors that will take care of the investment strategy. Second of all — we are a marketplace, so advisors are the only one that will be giving advice. Lastly — on the platform, there will be a lot of advisors — both fiat and crypto, as well as specialists such as insurance brokers, real estate brokers, tax specialists etc.

Berny: Ok, cool — so let’s say that I want to buy a product of being advised about crypto. Will I get advice on what ICO or tokens I should buy, or will I receive advice about what order I should set on metatrade?
We are not a trading or signal platform, all advice will come from advisors on said platform. Whether they will be giving signals or similar information is up to them.

CryptoKnuckles: How was then the crowdsale different from pre-sale (cryptowise and eth price wise etc.)?
Well, we didn’t have a pre-sale, just a PRE-ICO. These are different, since PRE-ICO is public and without whales. Crowdsale was again different since we had opted for a smart contract and just one week.

CryptoKnuckles: Thanks for the answer! But I meant crypto wise (eth price in pre-ICO and now), how do you deal with 2 different locked prices? It is good to hear that there were no whales. What did you prefer in crowdsale etc., fiat or crypto? Do we have any statistics on how much was contributed in fiat and how much in crypto?
More info about ICO statistics HERE.

CypherOG: Is this necessarily the case of ‘the bigger the better’? With the money you raised, will you still include some additional features on the platform over time?
Yes we will! We will roll out the revised roadmap in a month or two. Even though we have raised enough money just for the first milestone and half of the second from our supporters, we do not intend to stop here. We are conversing with big, institutional investors and partners to make sure we deliver a product that will change the financial lives of millions! :) And we mean it!

The price on exchange will go up since the supply is so low

Tilen: When MRP hits the exchange, what do you think is the expected rate of MRP tokens in a week?
Well, the price on exchange will go up since the supply is so low, and as such, demand and supply will determine the price of MRP. But as you know, all ICO investors have a guaranteed price of 0.05 EUR on the platform for services and products.

CypherOG: How many employees do you have right now? Are you going to expand that by employing more people in the company, or maybe more outside partners for different areas? What is perhaps your 2018 plan?
We have 33 people working on the project right now. But with June 1st, we will focus on development and implementing the first advisors, so the structure of people working on the project will change. New structure will be published soon.

CypherOG: How will you prevent different scammers and fake profiles being made just for scamming people or promoting something, if they happen to be endorsed by a couple of paid people in order to have good ratings?
There will be an implementing process to prevent scammers. Advisors will also have to deposit MRP tokens to the platform in case of disputes. The exact process will become known later, since the first advisors will be thoroughly checked by the MR advisory board.

Berny: So essentially … How will advisors advise me about crypto?
It all depends on your background, profile, goals, experience etc. It’s actually the same as with any other asset. Construct a portfolio, define asset classes proportions and then look for the best products. Usually, that doesn’t mean individual products (like stocks or tokens), but baskets of them. And the best part — it will all happen through the platform, with the help of MR portolio and communication center.

We don’t have a competition, because what we are developing is too advanced

NinoH: How long will this period for big investors last? When will you burn the rest of the tokens?
After all tokens are distributed, except the vested ones for the team and advisors, we will burn the rest.

Sala: How will you deal with competition? Become partners and learn from one another or …?
We don’t have a competition, because what we are developing is too advanced. :) In all seriousness, of course, we are constantly looking around, learning and we are open to partnerships.

Sala: Oh, okay, that is good to hear. How many solidity programmers do you have? Is the platform running on a private or public blockchain?
It will be on a public blockchain ethereum. As for how many — we have outsourced this for faster deployment, and we will gradually have our own, so the exact number does not matter right now.

CryptoKnuckles: What is the plan now? Focusing on the platform or making new partners or … What is the priority now (for 2018)?
Rolling out the milestone one platform! That is our top priority, but we do need to discuss partnerships at the same time.

Dani_blox: Admin, do you mind sharing the MRP contract address so that I can add it to my MEW and Blox app?
Address: 0x21f0F0fD3141Ee9E11B3d7f13a1028CD515f459c. Symbol: MRP. Decimals: 18.

Matej: Hi Mitja, you said it is now the time to buy, so you don’t expect a selloff before regulation, or do you consider all of it already taken into account?
Ha, we’ve already witnessed a selloff from January peaks. Of course I can’t predict the future direction (nobody does), but when you see a 60% discount, it’s definitely the time to buy, not to speculate that you can get another 10% off. Maybe the selloff will end before you notice …

CryptoKnuckles: People are a little scared nowadays about too much crypto information — how will you promote in the future, more in the cryptoworld or more in the financial world (but later say it is running on blockchain)? I hope you get my question. So, is the strategy more focused on promoting the platform in the financial sphere or crypto sphere?
Both! Because we think there is only one world and crypto and fiat will merge at some point. But honestly, we need financial advisors on board as they will bring their clients with them. And we also need crypto skilled to balance the mix.

Sala Mim: What is the official exchange for now? I’d like to hear it from an admin instead of a rumor.
The official exchange is … read HERE.

Matej: What is your view on whales possibly shorting the crypto market, and on the fact that a dip started at the same time as CBOE started to operate in this field?
: I don’t like it … but at the end, shorting can only temporary move the market. In the long run, it has no effect, so just hodl and buy at times like this, if it fits your portfolio.

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