Are you ready to use the MoneyRebel platform?

Be the first to test it! The MoneyRebel platform will be released in the next few weeks, and by that time, you have the opportunity to be among the users that will test it first. Why test it instead of waiting for the public release? Because now you have the opportunity not only to test one of the most expected apps this year, but maybe you will be able to earn a reward as well … You never know!

But first, let’s see what MoneyRebel platform brings to its users in its first edition.

We know how far from simple it is to open, store and secure your assets in different digital wallets today. That is why we decided to already bring in the MR wallet in the first phase. And that is not all — you will be able to store not only MRP tokens, but also other ERC20 compatible tokens. MR wallet will be a fully functioning ethereum wallet, and linking to the API software will also allow you to connect your existing specified accounts for cryptocurrencies with the MR platform, thus sending out orders for transfer, purchase or sale of crypto directly from the platform.

Next reason for assuring yourself a place among the first users is also the MR Portfolio — a functionality that will give you a chance to get all your assets in one place. Why? Because we are aware that it is difficult to maintain an overview of all investments. The MR portfolio shows all investments in a single chart that smoothly connects all previously mentioned accounts, including crypto accounts and updates information after a few minutes.

Not anyone these days understand why they would need a personal financial advisor. He is like a doctor for your personal finance. Yes, this is a story for another blog, but we must let you know at this point that users of the MoneyRebel platform will be provided with financial consulting 24 hours a day and seven days a week. MR advisor will offer a wide range of services that will be payable either per advice or with a monthly subscription. And yes, we will choose our advisors carefully, using due diligence.

There are some other tools you will be happy to have once you start using the platform: a customizable dashboard, a communication center for all those short questions to which you would need an answer in the shortest possible time, an electronic library and videos with pre-selected e-books and videos to help users improve their financial literacy, and the news section, with financial information and up-to-date news, international market data and much more. Get more information about functionalities on the platform HERE.

Alright, enough about content and upcoming tools — it is now time to apply for the MoneyRebel platform testing. And what about the prize for those that will submit a report? The rewards will be revealed at the end of August. And since there are only 1,000 free places for testers and one-third is already taken, be sure not to miss your chance to become a part of this. Apply for testing HERE.

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