Caspian week: From a scary ride to success in Davos

By Nataša Kozlevčar, MoneyRebel Co-founder

It was the most exciting travel experience of all. I did not imagine the ride to Davos turning out to be this exhausting; with snow, closed railway lines and roads (that were different despite the traffic info) in the way. The first 6 hours were great, but then 90 minutes before my arrival to Davos things got scarier. I was in the middle of a snowstorm; the road across the Italian border to Davos was closed. I was suggested to go through Austria, which I ended up doing after calling for traffic information. After another three hour ride, the road was closed again just before Lavin. No signs, no information — I was stuck in the mountains. I knocked on the first door of a house with lights on and the two nicest people opened the door: Jana and Tomasz. They took me in despite being a total stranger.

So, there are definitely great people living out there. Thank you.

Next day my travel experience continued. The road was open and despite Davos only being 50 minutes away, I needed an extra 5 hours to come to the conference where I was invited as a speaker. Can you imagine that the forum started only 10 minutes later? :-) I knew then that it was going to be worth it.

Experience at the Forum

The crowd was amazing here in Davos. I had the privilege of being among many great women. Each of them individually trying to be the best in their own field: from finance, to art and agriculture. What differentiates them from many others is the passion that drives them to create something that will have an impact on the society. From using blockchain technology in parts of the world where people otherwise cannot reach microfinance, to adding logistics to blockchain technology, to educating young ones about new technology as the demand is rising. Each of them had its own story to share and listening and being a part of that just made me feel blessed.

MoneyRebel was embraced as a project that will have a great impact on the financial industry.

No matter the gender, religion, age — financial illiteracy does not discriminate. MoneyRebel steps in for all who want to live a life without financial stress, who aim to become financially independent — that was the statement that made most people give us their approval. Furthermore, being a bridge between crypto and fiat, while knowing knowledge is the essence of it all, this was the point where we have made our first collaboration on the spot.

Davos participants about MoneyRebel

“I would gladly be your investor and a customer as I see great value for myself as well as for the community in what you are doing.” Viola Lukacs, curator, Geneva

“We are proud to establish a relationship with MoneyRebel and introduce the platform to our community of more than 150.000 people aged from 25 to 30.” Katherine Hermans, Director of Global Changemakers, Zurich

We have received proposals to help out other great projects as advisors which is a real honor. However, the only limitation is time. We have to deliver what we promised to our backers as well as to the community. That is our goal! If we will be able to help others while simultaneously focusing on our own mission, that will of course then be a valid decision.

At this year’s Caspian Week conference in Davos, Switzerland, one of the key speakers in the section titled »Women: digital leaders!« is also our MoneyRebel co-founder, Nataša Kozlevčar! She was at the conference in the company of leading scientists, businessmen and politicians from all over the world. It should be said that the Caspian week conference is a meeting point of visionaries, market leaders and experts with focus in the Caspian region as a vital element of the future global society and economy.