CEO blog: After the summer break it’s time for rock’n roll

It’s summer time in Europe, and the majority of our team, including myself, are on a well deserved summer break. After a successful ICO, we focused on development; we said we will use these summer months to test the MR platform, and I can tell you that testing is going on as planned. Not without challenges, sleepless nights and some ‘aha!’ moments, of course, but we are still right on schedule.

Slovenska verzija je na voljo TUKAJ.

If we look at the two past months since the ICO ended, we have focused on development, redesigned our team and listed our MRP token on exchange, as promised. True, it wasn’t the best timing, but that was our promise to you. Since then the whole crypto market suffered a lot and Ether lost cca 50 % of its value, with the majority of tokens losing even more.

But as promised, all our supporters have a guaranteed price when using their tokens for purchases on the platform, which is going through the first round of testing. I can tell you that it looks beautiful and is loaded with tons of features that will help you and your advisor transform the way you manage personal finances today.

Five products, not one

Yes, we are really building an enterprise level platform, with core backend software and five products launched simultaneously. These are native IOS and Android mobile apps for clients, along with a web client application, as well as web advisor and web administrator applications. We know we could make our lives much easier by skipping at least one mobile app, but we can get a bit crazy sometimes and want everything at once. It’s possible that taking things easier could push us out on the market a couple of weeks earlier, but we really hate the kind of products you cannot use on every device you grab at any particular moment. Don’t you?

Four rounds of testing

June 29th was the date when we started testing our platform. With such a wide scope, we were always aware that Rome wasn’t built in a day. This means that our platform will need to be tested thoroughly within the team, before we take on the second round, which means supporters from our ICO. So far we had some issues, but nonetheless, if everything goes according to plan, we will invite our supporters to test it after the summer break, by the end of August. Just in time for when everyone will get back from their summer vacation with a clear mind and fresh energy.

Ah, and not to forget — if you missed our ICO, but would like to have all your personal finances under one roof, with fiat and crypto assets combined, and cannot find a simple tool with a marketplace of advisors at your fingertips (maybe because there isn’t one on the market!), then you can still apply HERE and be among the first to get their hands on the MR platform.

What else have we done and what is on the table for MoneyRebel?

Audit of token distribution done

With majority of supporters choosing to receive their tokens to their MR wallet, we have got to be very careful not to make any mistakes with distribution. Supporters that opted to receive tokens to their existing wallets already got their tokens, and there was no problem with distribution. We have checked all the balances and can confirm that they are correct. After we distribute all of the remaining tokens to our supporters through the MR wallet, we will burn all the unsold tokens. The maximum supply will be at roughly 200 millions MRP tokens. We will publish a detailed report with exact numbers at that time.

Operations team established, searching for an experienced CTO

After ICO, we had to redesign and restructure our team and that is now done. The operations team is established and is led by our COO Natalija Prešern. She joined MoneyRebel before ICO and has vast experience in the financial industry. More about her role and thoughts can be found in the transcript of AMA she held on our Telegram channel HERE.

As far as our core team is concerned, the majority of us stayed in our roles. For the time being, we decided to cut back on banking and smart features, since we haven’t raised enough to start developing milestone 3 and 4. This can be seen in the team structure as well, where Ana, as banking expert, is no longer present, and Miha is focusing on its primary task of crypto arbitrage. That means we are searching for an experienced CTO to lead our team of developers with focus on developing most of the milestone 2 features. We can now confirm we are focusing on advisor tools, since advisors will be our most important channel for attracting new users. And yes, we already assembled a team of highly experienced financial experts to design advisor tools in detail. More on that will be published soon.

Funding for smart banking in the hands of professional investors

Banking and AI based smart features remain our final target. As we all know, we will need additional funding to achieve that. We are aiming for venture capital funds that we have already spoken with in Milan, Paris and Hong Kong, and received encouraging feedback. On top of that, we are already in contact with potential partners to develop blockchain based smart banking features in 2019. But let us first focus on launching the platform in the first market, and onboard all advisory houses that expressed interest of using the platform.

In the name of the MoneyRebel family, I wish you a lot of summer fun. Take care and prepare to rock’n roll with us after the summer break.

Mitja Vezovišek, CEO

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