MoneyRebel has burned unsold tokens!

When we launched the MoneyRebel platform, we fulfilled yet another promise we made during the time of the token sale. At the live-streamed launch event, we burned all unsold tokens. You can watch the video HERE.

Članek je na voljo tudi v slovenščini TUKAJ.

What does the destruction of these tokens actually mean? Firstly, the supply of MRP tokens is now 199,430,728. They are owned by supporters, teams and advisors — that is, those of you who bought or earned MRP tokens. No more tokens will be ever available again, nor will it be possible to create new ones. So, this is the number of tokens that are now possible to use and pay with on the MoneyRebel platform, or trade with on crypto exchanges.

Burning without complications

Recall: MRP tokens were created in January 2018, even before the Initial Coin Offering began, so PRE-ICO supporters got in before the ICO phase. Most supporters got their tokens after the ICO, but there are still some, yet to be taken into possession, waiting for supporters to create their MR wallets.

If go back to the topic of burning unsold tokens, as MoneyRebel CIO Urban Cjuha told us, all of them have been successfully destroyed. “The burning of them took place without any complications, as we used the smart contract “burn” function. The number of tokens was reduced by the exact number of those destroyed.” Take a look at the transaction HERE and the number of current tokens in supply HERE.

“The process of burning the tokens was evidenced and witnessed on the network at the very moment it took place, as the ethereum network at the time was not overloaded. The transaction price was very low, only 0.03 dollars, which means that all unsold tokens were destroyed for a mere 3 cents,” added Urban Cjuha. The destroyed tokens are now located at 0x0, from which there are no return transactions.

If you would nevertheless like to get your hands on some MoneyRebel tokens, you are now dependent on those that have them. But don’t worry, they’re are available on three exchanges: Tokens, Livecoin and Idex.

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