MRP tokens on Tokens exchange!

Tomorrow, on the 28th August 2018, MRP tokens will be listed on, a next generation cryptocurrency trading platform. Soon after our crowdsale ended, we were listed on the first exchange, and after that our focus was mainly on platform development. But connecting with the Tokens exchange is the beginning of a new partnership, and we didn’t want to wait any longer.

We are looking forward to our community being able to buy and sell MRP tokens on the exchange where transparency, safety and reliability are highly valued. These are also things we consider to be our values. Tokens is a next generation cryptocurrency trading platform, run by a team with years of experience, also from the Bitstamp exchange.

Tokens is the third official MRP token exchange, beside Livecoin and Idex. You can read more about our previous listings HERE.

Now you know where and how you can buy MRP tokens, and when you get some, you will become a HODLer. Why? Because our time is yet to come. And very soon, the MoneyRebel platform will go live … not long after testing. Have you applied HERE?

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