Natalija Prešern, MoneyRebel COO: Trust is an advisor’s biggest asset

We can say that this AMA was quite special, as our community got to meet our new COO, Natalija Prešern. Of course, as always, the number of questions was almost overwhelming, and this time we also wanted to know more about our community input on some of the open questions. As the platform is being tested as we speak, we discussed topics mostly related to the use of the platform once we go live. Therefore, everything you have wanted to know is gathered right here in this blog.

CryptoYoda: What kind of experience with regard to blockchain, crypto, advising, finance, and managing do you have?
Natalija: I mostly have experience from finance and management, but also product development. However, I always try to get knowledge from other areas. That’s how I found myself here at MoneyRebel, with great experts in blockchain, marketing as well as sales.

AltsSatoshi: I read that you have 22 years of experience in the international environment of classic banking & the insurance sector. Where did you learn or come into contact with the fast crypto environment, where things are totally different … and sometimes very “wild west” like? How will you accept those challenges and with what approach?
Well, my past experience tells you what I did, but not how. I mostly worked in product development, along with sales and managing different teams. New things have always been a passion for me. That’s how crypto came my way. A great combination of traditional, and new. Combining order, with the “wild west”.

CypherOG: COO, what is your crypto experience? Or, are you going to work in non-crypto sectors, like finance and banking at MoneyRebel?
Well, I’m definitely not a crypto expert, but we do have great ones in the team — such as Miha Pulko. I’m here to manage the team to achieve common goals and, of course, using my experience, to help find optimal solutions to all questions arising in that field — crypto versus fiat.

CryptoYoda: If you are not satisfied with someone, can you replace the advisor with someone else that is already on the platform? And how is with payments? Partial of refund?
Each user will have the opportunity to replace, or cancel, their advisor. The platform will not promote such feature, but it will be available. The user will be able to send a notice via the MR platform (by clicking on the “Change advisor” button); the notice will be processed by the MR administration. Once the cancellation has been approved, the user may remain without an advisor, or can choose a new one from the list of advisors.

Sala Mim: What kind of advisors will be present on the platform, and which kind of areas will they cover? Combinations of fields, or just areas of specialization?
Personal financial advisors, personal financial planners, wealth managers, insurance agents, insurance brokers, tax advisors, accountants, specialist advisors (mutual funds, gold …), crypto advisors, coaches, real-estate specialists, lawyers … and much more!

AltsSatoshi: What will happen to advisors that scam users, or are not good at what they do? Will we get our money back and will they be penalized, for example? Also, who will handle things in the future if there will be hundreds of them on the platform? All of them, or one-by-one by admin?
We will perform full due diligence on all advisors before they enter the platform. Also, a deposit will be mandatory for all advisors. All users will be able to report scams or possible advisor mistakes and our administration will act according, in-line with legal procedures.

CryptoYoda: How will advisors be differentiated in the beginning?
Our advisory board will prepare the steps for placing a value upon each advisor.

CypherOG: How important is experience from the classic financial-banking world to becoming a crypto-skilled advisor?
Great question really … My personal opinion is that if you want to be good advisor to people, especially in the area of finance, you should have some knowledge from the classical financial world, which lends itself to being more credible, since crypto is only one part of the financial industry.

CryptoKnuckles: Who can/will become a crypto-skilled advisor?
Natalija: Actually, that could also be a question for our community. What do you think, who could be a crypto skilled advisor?
CryptoKnuckles: Great one. Hmm, let me think. For sure, you have to have some qualifications and need to satisfy some criteria.

CryptoKnuckles: Do you need to pass some exams or have previous experience?
No exams. Just fill out a long questionnaire, like you do in a bank (that was meant as a joke). In the end, advisors will have to give us information about their experience and knowledge, and also their past activities. We want to ensure users that advisors on the platform are true professionals.

CypherOG: How is the platform testing going? Any updates for the community?
The testing is going very well … actually, it is going as planned and we are looking forward to handing the testing of the platform over to our supporters as soon as possible.

Nebojsa Zivkovic: Any news regarding service fees? It would be nice to know in advance so we could fill our bags with more MRP tokens at a good price.
Service fees will be paid in the form of a platform license — per advisor. We are still in the process of setting the fees for M1 functionalities.

AltsSatoshi: Will you be the boss of all advisors?
Hahahah, good idea, but no, this is not what we have in mind.

KingofCrypto: Advisors will get some kind of payment for their advice, right? For crypto advisors, I get that they will be paid in crypto, but what about normal, finance/gold, and other advisors? Will they get paid in crypto as well?
MRP tokens will be the only payment method used on the platform. But, we are thinking for the beginning, that advisors will be able to choose the currency they would like to be paid in, irrespective of their area of specialization.

KingofCrypto: Will advisors be able to advertise their services to platform users who do not yet have advisors? If so, in what kind of way?
This is a good question. Of course, we will find a way for our users to have a chance to get to know our advisors, since managing our finances is something you can’t simply do on your own. We will try to connect the user to the right advisor, according to the user’s needs.

KingofCrypto: What do you think is the real importance of blockchain on the platform? Maybe 2–3 key things?
My answer will be a little longer, as this is an important question, given that trust is an advisor’s greatest asset. It is often said that trust is the hardest thing to gain, but the easiest thing to lose. But while trustworthiness is a fine idea, it is also intangible and tricky to measure. At this point, blockchain technology steps in by storing blocks of information that are identical across its network, so that information on the blockchain cannot be controlled, erased or rewritten by any single entity, making it secure, reliable and trustworthy. As a result, a user can make a more reliable decision which advisor to choose. Advisors and users will have the option to store individual information on the blockchain. To be able to rate an advisor, the user will have to hold a certain amount of MRP tokens, which will be used to cover the costs of gas. For approval regarding education, licenses or their track record, the advisor will have to get confirmation from the issuer. This means that we will eliminate any doubt and put trust into the blockchain.

CryptoYoda: Will there be more focus on MRP tokens as a means of payment and usage, or will fiat be used in the long term?
MRP tokens are used as the sole method of payment on the platform, and are also used to access certain functionalities on the MoneyRebel platform, including a variety of other authorization features.

AltsSatoshi: Any plan to hire new people in 2018/2019?

AltsSatoshi: Will advisors have options to load up on educational stuff like e-books, sheets etc. And who will check them if everything is legal and right?
Yes, advisors will have the opportunity to publish their own e-books, webinars and other publications etc. The material will be reviewed by our advisory board in order to ensure the quality of the publications.

CryptoUnicorn: What kind of tools will be available to advisors and also other users of the platform?
Tools in M1 for advisors will be 360°overview, communication center, electronic library and videos, free checkups, news. And that is only the beginning!

CryptoKnuckles: What will the prices for advisors be? Different types of advising probably, right?
Service fees will be paid in the form of a platform license — per advisor. We are still in the process of setting the fees for M1 functionalities.

CryptoKnuckles: Will we have to pay a flat rate, or per piece of advice/hour?
It depends on the advisor. He will form his own pricing structure based on three options given from the platform: fee, commission or fee + commission.

KingofCrypto: How will people be able to choose an advisor on the platform? Or multiple ones?
One user — one advisor, this is a key of the platform. Well, users will have to choose themselves. We will help them with an initial rating of the advisor which will be given to the advisors at the beginning.

CryptoKnuckles: How does the advisor come to the platform?
We will prepare all instructions for future MoneyRebel platform advisors and publish them in August.

CryptoYoda: There will be only English, right? Will it be possible to add more languages in future so we can talk with advisors in our own language?
English, is of course the primary language, but the platform will be also in Slovenian, Italian and French.

CypherOG: I like the book Crypto vs. Fiat. Will there be any other e-book available in the future?
We believe there will be several of them, when advisors start publishing their own.

IcyGap: Since there has been a lot of dumping on the exchange, seeing the price driven down, will there be some regulations put into place once the platform comes to life? Other than supply and demand?
We believe that supply and demand will do its best.

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