New digital tools for a better financial future for all individuals

Personal finance is no longer what it used to be; it’s not what it was several years ago. The development of new technologies has also led to the fact that customers’ demands are increasing; they want advanced knowledge and tools. Even larger investors, high-net-worth clients who, for the management of their personal finances, require the presence of a financial advisor, are now striving to make the services of both financial companies and banks turn to modern digital solutions.

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The development of new tools, which on one hand represent value that is of use to us, while on the other hand, offering us all the necessary security that, for example, personal finance, requires, is not easy. It is not at all cheap, and most personal financial advisers, especially small ones, cannot afford that kind of development. So, at some point, they need to join a larger system.

There are different levels of complexity in the development and use of digital technologies, which are also defined according to the status of customers’ assets. Wealthy customers are not inclined to turn to robots or other digital tools to increase their wealth, or to manage their personal finances or investments. They want to know where they are and what’s happening with their property. They want immediate access to information, at any time.

The greater the wealth, the more complex the solutions?

The needs of high-net-worth clients are in fact more complex. They still want the presence of a personal financial advisor, but on the other hand they want a comprehensive overview of their assets utilizing modern tools. In meeting their personal financial advisor, they want to be well prepared, to collectively and effectively plan their asset management. And modern digital tools help them plan better.

It is also important to realize that smart investors do not have all their “eggs in the same basket”, which means they have many trading and other similar accounts open with different companies, banks and financial institutions. It is precisely for this reason that it is very important to have the opportunity to collect and access the entire portfolio of their investments in one place.

The right solution, also for wealthy customers

MoneyRebel is the answer to the demands of all customers, including the most demanding ones, who have assets in their portfolio that require comprehensive and continuous management. In those cases, it is normal that they need not only the management of a personal financial advisor, but also a tax advisor, a lawyer, an accountant as well as other experts. When designing tools that would be available to users on our platform, we followed the long-standing practice of our advisors and clients. Tools that will soon see the light of day are the answer to their requirements for the use of modern digital means to effectively manage their personal finances.

We are more than aware that modern digital management tools must be adapted to target groups that will actually use them. The fact is that there will always be a group of people who will never adopt them and it is right that we do not force them to do so. However, this does not mean that advisors need not use such tools. Naturally, such tools will make it easier for them in their work, as they will get an insight into the overall management of the personal finances of each client they work with. Who knows, perhaps technologically less skilled clients will also soon decide to monitor their own assets, at least from a distance, with the assistance of new tools.

If we can automate something and make access to information easier, we should do it. Advisors will thus be able to dedicate more time to optimizing and finding the best solutions for their clients. Today, electronic data capture is more advanced than it was in the past. In fact, clients no longer need to comply with the upside of paperwork to arrive at effective solutions. Not only clients, but also financial advisors will no longer have to deal with piles of paperwork, which means they will optimize their time, focus on adding value to existing clients and gaining new ones.

MoneyRebel platform advisors will have all these modern tools available to them in their work and will have a complete overview over the personal finances of their clients, to which the clients themselves will also have access. Already in the first phase, they will be provided with such tools as MR advisor, portfolio, the communication center and numerous accounts connected via the API. The solution for the future is already at your door. And it is here today. Its name is MoneyRebel.

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