Rewards for our 2nd round of Beta testing!


As promised, here is the official announcement for the MoneyRebel platform testing rounds 2 and 3. We know you’ve all been waiting for this moment and let us tell you, it’s finally arrived. The MoneyRebel platform will be released in the next few weeks and you should reserve your spot early! Hurry or you’ll be left out. Apply HERE.

Članek je na voljo tudi v slovenščini TUKAJ.

We are so excited, to finally release our platform to the world at large, but first there is some fine-tuning to do and we want to do it together with you, our supporters and community members.

Let’s build the new financial future together; let’s make the entry into crypto as simple, safe and barrier-free as possible! And oh, we have prizes!

380 fastest testers will get 500 MRP tokens!

We want to reward the testers who will help us make the MoneyRebel beta platform even more user friendly, or should we say, the best user-friendly. We need you to provide us with qualitative design feedback, your user experience and tell us about the site’s functions.

We have allocated 200,000 MRP tokens for the poll and the first 380 testers who submit a fully written report will earn 500 MRP tokens! We’re opening up applications and you have until August 30, 2018 while places are still available, to be among the first 1,000 to have the opportunity to test our platform even before it sees the light of day.

In addition to the 500 MRP tokens that come with submitting a report (for the 380 fastest testers) you also have a chance of earning extra reward tokens for the best reports:
1st place — 5,000 MRP tokens
2nd place — 3,000 MRP tokens
3rd place — 2,000 MRP tokens

Sounds too good to be true? You’re invited to test the “almost final” M1 product and get a feel for it! Then, give us your feedback and help us make the platform evolve into what it truly is meant to be.

And the timeline? Apply for testing HERE and now. You’ve only got until August 30, 2018. After that you’ll receive a questionnaire and everything you need to know about testing.

More details about upcoming testing will be published soon!

Apply for testing now!

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