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The MoneyRebel platform is just about to see the light of day! It brings with it a number of functionalities that will help users on the path to transparent and regulated personal finances. And what the most beautiful thing about this is, that you will now have everything in one place: classic — fiat and crypto finances!

To be ready in time for the moment and to be among the first users of the MoneyRebel platform, we have provided you with a glimpse of the timeline for the next few weeks until the platform becomes available to everyone. Yes, this summer and early autumn will be historic — you will finally get your personal finances under one roof!

We start on the 29th of June!

The MoneyRebel platform will have a numerous functionality options (which can be read below) at the moment it sees the light of day. Of course, we need to test it well, prior to everyone using it. We believe that you agree with us that security is not to be compromised on, so in the coming weeks, we will test it in four rounds, the functionality itself, and the involvement of the testers.

Our development team has promised us that we will be able to start testing on Friday, the 29th of June, 2018, when we begin to test a large part of the functionality of the MoneyRebel platform. The first testing will take place within our team. We will also be inviting close friends and experts. You might know, that their critique or praise, will be our first directional input, then we will hand the platform over to you — our supporters, for testing. That’s right, you’re in the second round of testing!

In the third part, all who apply for testing (apply HERE) will be able to do this — applications will be opened simultaneously with the beginning of the first round of testing of the platform, that is at the end of June. In the first three rounds, testing will only be possible by invitation. But don’t worry, testing will take place only in the summer, and in September you will be able to invite your friends and family to use the MoneyRebel platform.

In which circle will you test the MR platform?

Testing stages:

  • Round 1: team and invited friends and experts
  • Round 2: PRE-ICO and ICO project supporters
  • Round 3: those signed up for testing the platform (applications available from 29th June, 2018 onwards)
  • Round 4: The platform will be officially available to all users

Already in the third round, you will be able to transfer your tokens to the MR wallet and start paying services and purchasing products in the MoneyRebel e-Library.

All those who want to transfer their tokens to their wallet in July, given that the MR wallet will be available in September, will be given the opportunity to add the addresses of their ERC20 compatible wallets to the dashboard next week. You will have time for a week since by the end of July we will have a third distribution of tokens for all those who do not want to wait until September. We will notify you beforehand, so stay tuned.

Apply now for MoneyRebel platform testing!

The question of whether to open your ERC20 compatible wallet or wait for the MR wallet is of course in place. Why? At present, the liquidity of MRP tokens is really very low. The reasons are mainly two:

• the MR Platform is not yet “live”; consequently, MRP tokens are not yet in use;
• the crypto world has seen a significant drop from the peaks we saw in January, and people who have speculated in this world are currently questioning their decision. We are glad that this does not apply to our supporters!

As we have repeatedly stressed: the advantage of the MR platform will also be to get your MR wallet inside. Therefore, if you are not native in this world, do not rush. The MRP token will be increasing at its useful value, which will be shown at the time the first functionalities come in. By adding new ones, however, usability will naturally increase.

The crypto arbitrage is already in the testing phase

We are also in the testing phase with our crypto arbitrage, which we want to share with our supporters as soon as possible. At the moment, there are already several couples, several exchanges involved, and the summer will be used to test it thoroughly. We are happy to say that the first results are very optimistic. The formula we have set up has proven to be appropriate and we can hardly wait for the results to be shared with you, our supporters!

Let us also reveal that when launching the MoneyRebel platform, we are also preparing a big event, together to make a step towards transparent personal finance, to which the numerous functionalities that the platform brings will help us. If you are interested in more about the event and MoneyRebel platform testing, please apply HERE.

Otherwise, when we start with the full use of the platform with features that will be available in the coming weeks, about which you can read more about it further, the development will continue in the direction of additional functionality for users and consultants. One of our goals is still banking. There is still much work to be done and we look forward to new challenges — along with you!

And what are the first functionalities that are coming?

MR wallet and accounts
Since we want that access to cryptocurrencies for all users to be as easy as possible, we will make it easier for our platform users who encounter crypto for the first time. How? In the platform, we will integrate a fully functioning ethereum wallet, where you can also store your MRP tokens. Linking to the API software will also allow you to connect your existing specified accounts for cryptocurrencies with the MR platform, thus sending out orders for the transfer, purchase, or sale of cryptocurrencies directly from the platform, also to some external users. We are pleased to announce, that we have managed to connect to the Bitstamp and Kraken exchangers. To gain the so called “Corporate account” is in fact quite complicated at such exchange offices. And we did it!

MR Portfolio — All assets in one place
We are aware that it is difficult to maintain an overview over all investments. We actually need a savings bank account, a brokerage account for shares, a different account for mutual funds, a separate insurance, and a pension account, etc. Adding private capital, gold, and crypto funds, however, and confusion is complete. The MR portfolio shows all investments in a single chart that smoothly connects all previously mentioned accounts, including crypto accounts. Users, therefore, do not waste time by browsing through various spreadsheets, searching for the latest values, or by streaming web services, databases, or cloud applications.

The MR portfolio updates information after a few minutes and then displays it in one place. You will be able to manage your portfolio entry manually at an early stage, but we hope that this part will become more and more automated. Namely, our focus is to be able to connect as many financial institutions with the platform as possible. With the first milestone already introducing the SaltEdge interface, which will allow obtaining information on the status of bank accounts for those banks that already provide such services. Specifically, for Slovenia, this is the case for NKBM, ABanka as well as Banka Koper (Intesa Sanpaolo), which will also be joined by the N26, which is also among the best known in Slovenia.

Customizable Dashboard
We all want simple solutions to complex problems. Managing personal finances can also be a struggle for many an experienced individual. Therefore, MR portfolio will offer flexible dashboard that will provide the user with a complete overview of his financial situation. The user himself thus determines which data he wants to monitor in his dashboard.

MR Advisor
Users will be provided with financial consulting 24 hours a day and seven days a week, wherever and whenever you need it. The consultants will offer a wide range of services that will be payable either on a monthly basis or by monthly subscription. Advisors will have to deposit MRP tokens, which will serve as collateral in the event of an unfair act.

Communication center
It is sometimes difficult to find a common time slot with an advisor, but sometimes a meeting face-to-face is also not financially justified. You may only have a short question on which you would need an answer in the shortest possible time. By using the built-in communication center, you can ask a question and, depending on the subscription model, you receive a comprehensive expert response within 12 to 48 hours. The history of communications will be safely stored and archived in your communication center, where you will also have the option of storing files and documents that you can share with your advisor.

Electronic library and videos
Online is full of false or misleading information. The MoneyRebel Platform will include a comprehensive electronic library of pre-selected e-books and videos to help users improve their financial literacy.

There is no need to find financial information online or through other specialized applications, as you will have them in the palm of your hand. The platform will regularly receive financial news from Bloomberg, Yahoo!, Finance as well as other sources. Users will be able to monitor free stock quotes, up-to-date news, portfolio management resources, international market data, social interactions, and more, 24 hours a day.

So, we are just about to make all these functionalities become part of our everyday life, part of a complete overview of our personal finances. And we can hardly wait to share it with you!

Apply now for MoneyRebel platform testing!

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