We asked and you chose!

While our MoneyRebel platform is just about to see the light of the day, we have again challenged our community. We asked you for your opinion. We are working on a platform that is designed for users — advisors, and those who will need their advice, as well as platform tools; so we want to create it, together with you.

Having completed testing the beta version of the platform, you provided us, in your reports, some suggestions for improvements. We carefully reviewed them and selected the most common.

What about the results of the vote? You have the possibility of choosing between 13 different suggestions. Which ones, you can read HERE. And how did you vote? Each of you had 5 votes.

Which functionalities will be improved, or modified, already in the first official version of the platform? We acknowledge the fact that it was difficult to choose only 5. We would like to improve everything, but at this moment, we are focusing more on quality and changes that can be functionally more effective.

We won’t just introduce 5, but 9 of the improvements you have suggested!

Therefore, we have decided to make improvements to the three functionalities which won the most votes, meaning that the platform will have easier access to the MR wallet (with the password to be changed) from the time of the official launch, added to which we will also prepare video instructions for using the platform and simplify the registration process (no longer requiring SMS validation). And that’s not all, we still have the following improvements: defining errors, improving the sending and receiving of messages, the legende, and a bigger text box.

We have also listened to your desire to communicate with several advisors before you decide and choose your own. The platform will technically allow this, but it does not solely depend on the platform, as an individual advisor can decide and give access, if available for communication and free questions.

MoneyRebel platform in multiple languages

And not just that — even this time, you provided us with additional suggestions, the most outstanding of which was to take into account multilingualism on the platform. The MoneyRebel platform will be available, from the moment it formally sees the light of the day, in English and Slovenian. Afterwards, other languages will gradually be added — depending on the country from which the users and advisors come from.

The platform will soon see the light of the day. Follow us, as we will shortly disclose the most important date of the year!

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