We have winners!

After two weeks of testing our MoneyRebel platform and before it becomes available to the entire public, we get the winners — three testers who, according to our judges, have made the best contribution to the further development of the application. Even though we received very concrete answers from our supporters, some of them gave us their general impression. But there were some that deepened and presented not only concrete expression of their testing, but also some interesting and useful suggestions. We have carefully studied all of this, and some will be implemented in the future.

Who are the ones that impressed us with their reports the most? Our judges Natalija Prešern, COO, Mateja Kegel Kozlevčar, Marketing Specialist and Tanja Zdouc Gantar, who takes care of the support, chose the following winners:
1st place: Miha Finžgar, receives 5,000 MRP tokens
2nd place: Diamond de Wealthorn, receives 3,000 MRP tokens
3rd place: Boštjan Črešnik, receives 2,000 MRP tokens

To all of you who tested the platform and submitted the report, we thank you for your contribution. You will all of course receive 500 MRP tokens, and will be notified via e-mail.

Don’t forget — you can still help us vote and choose the updates that will become available first once the MoneyRebel platform officially launches. Some updates will have to wait for the next update cycle. What do you need to do? Read carefully through the suggestions we’ve collected from you, then click the link below and vote for the ones that you think should be among the first updates. Out of the total 13, you can select up to 5 suggestions. MORE …

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