What’s happening on the crypto market?

In the past few weeks, since the beginning of the year, we have all really suffered. The majority of, or practically all cryptocurrencies and tokens have fallen by 80–90%, or even more. This came as a shock to many of you, but it was to be expected.

Mitja Vezovišek, MoneyRebel CEO and wealth manager has provided us with some insight and ideas about what to do in such situations.

“You have some ups and downs, and in these markets and at this stage of the development of blockchain technology, this is something you have to expect. But, I can tell you that this is the perfect time for all of you to try and get into the crypto space to support your project. Now is not the time to lose faith, but maybe time to invest some of your portfolio into cryptocurrencies,” said Mitja Vezovišek.

And yes, it may take some time, but as we all know, crypto is a trend we cannot ignore anymore. “All the startups that are doing really well, are developing products that deserve our attention. Personally, I have a lot of tokens from many different startups. And, I can see that the value of the tokens do not represent the actual state of the startup. And, I can guarantee that is exactly the same thing that has happened to MoneyRebel.”

But, remember you will soon be able to purchase services on the MoneyRebel platform with MoneyRebel tokens. And also, advisors will have to take a stake in a bunch of MoneyRebel tokens in order to guarantee the quality of their services. “Maybe it’s a time to buy some additional tokens from the startups you believe in. I don’t think there will be a much better time in the future than the current one, with the prices we are seeing on the market today,” added Mitja Vezovišek.

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