To all our MoneyToken users,

Please note that MoneyToken has relocated to a new permanent home at The website is now live at this address.

Don’t forget to change any shortcuts or links you have to the new .eu domain name.

Remember, our new domain with immediate effect is

Please, continue to stay safe and well.

Best Regards

Earn interest on your cryptocurrency USDT, BTC, ETH holdings.

Dear Users,

We are happy to announce the launch of a new service called MoneyToken Lending.
Now all MoneyToken users are able to use the platform to place deposits and earn passive interest with their crypto.

MoneyToken offers up to 12% annual percentage yield (APY).

That is the highest APY…

Are you ready for a whole new level of customer service?

MoneyToken has just released a unique VIP Customer Service experience that meets all the needs of the most demanding customers of our platform. …

The MoneyToken listing team are pleased to announce a new cryptocurrency listing update: from now on, MoneyToken users will be able to take out loans using Huobi Token.

  • Huobi Token deposit and withdrawal will be available on 2019/04/17 15:00 AM (UTC)
  • This means that MoneyToken users will be able to…

MoneyToken launches BNB-backed loans at 10:00, on March 22 (UTC)

Dear Users,

We are delighted to announce results of the Binance Coin (BNB) Due Diligence analysis, and that BNB will be listed as collateral currency on the MoneyToken platform from March 22, 2019.

  • BNB deposit and withdrawal will be available on 2019/03/22 10:00 AM (UTC)
  • This means that MoneyToken users…

From today all MoneyToken platform users gain access to a totally unique crypto-loan product.

An incredible offering to customers — where borrowers pay interest on their loans only if the value of their collateral rises.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>APPLY FOR A LOAN<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

How does this work?

If, as a borrower, you take out…

Schedule of free promo membership distribution and the launch of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum memberships at

2 months ago we provided 1,000 promo memberships on the MoneyToken platform. The promo memberships were offered completely free to all our community members and supporters.

The goal of the promo memberships distribution…

Dear MoneyToken community,

We’re incredibly excited to announce that:

  1. IMT will be listed on 5 Exchanges from August 30th
  2. In line with the start of listing, IMT withdrawal will be activated at 02:00 AM UTC on August 30th
  3. The next membership sale for zero-interest rate loans will start on September…

CryptoJack YouTube influencer was invited by the MoneyToken team to visit a new office and do the video review of it, check out the business development processes and interview team members.

Here is the first video which was published by CryptoJack.
We also should expect 3–4 new videos which will be published soon.

Our offices are always open for honorable community members, influencers, pool managers, crypto experts and representatives of funds and exchanges.

To all our wonderful MoneyToken supporters and contributors,

We’re glad to confirm once again the news that the IMT token will be listed on exchanges before the end of August. With this we wanted to outline to you the upcoming plans for MoneyToken.

1. Mass marketing campaign launch

We will be launching a significant marketing…

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