MoneyToken launches Cryptocurrency Lending Service.

Money Token
3 min readFeb 19, 2020

Earn interest on your cryptocurrency USDT, BTC, ETH holdings.

Dear Users,

We are happy to announce the launch of a new service called MoneyToken Lending.
Now all MoneyToken users are able to use the platform to place deposits and earn passive interest with their crypto.

MoneyToken offers up to 12% annual percentage yield (APY).

That is the highest APY for long term USDT, BTC, ETH deposits in the cryptocurrency industry and that is significantly higher APY than traditional bank deposits could offer.

MoneyToken deposits are secured by multi-signature cold storage and protected by MoneyToken European custody license.

User-friendly interface of the platform allows to initiate the deposit in a few clicks. Lending has never been so easy.

How it works:

  1. 3 lending products are available:
  • 1 day-long deposits with 5% annual yield
  • 30 day-long deposits with 8% annual yield
  • 90 day-long deposits with 12% annual yield

2. Interest payout time: Immediately after deposit term matures.

3. Full Flexibility: deposit or withdraw funds at any time.

How to become a lender:

1. Sign in your MoneyToken account and visit the lending page —

2. Choose preferable lending term and appropriate annual interest yield.

3. Enter your deposit amount and choose the currency of your deposit.

4. The system will calculate the interest you should earn according to the term of your deposit.


In the example the user chooses the lending product with 90 days term and 12% Annual Yield.

This means that if user deposits 10,000.00 USDT for a year, his USDT interest will be equal to 1,200.00 USDT on a yearly basis.

It is equal to a gain of 300.00 USDT after 90 days of the deposit!

User can renew the deposit after 90 days term ends and prolongate it up to 1 year and he will earn 12% (1,200.00 USDT) per 12 months according to the terms of the deposit .

5. Please confirm the deposit terms and press “Apply” button.

The MoneyToken platform will deduct the funds for the deposit from your account balance to initiate your deposit.

6. Congratulations! Your deposit has been initiated.

Now you has started to earn stable interest from your crypto holdings!


  1. Interest will be distributed to you on the maturity date automatically.
  2. You can close the deposit and withdraw the principal deposit amount any time.
  3. If you close the deposit before the end of the deposit term you will receive back the principal deposit amount but with the forfeiture of the interest. The MoneyToken platform will not charge you any extra or additional fees.
  4. After the redemption date your deposit will be renewed on the same term automatically. You can disable the auto-renewal option in your deposit dashboard when you no longer need it — your deposit will be closed automatically when it nears it’s maturity date.

Join us and start growing your assets to a VIP-level.

Thank you for being a part of our community,

The MoneyToken team