How to be highly productive by capturing any idea into action?

Designer Notes- Your notes in your own handwriting

Capture any idea into Action Steps

We encourage you to take notes. Notes will enable this learning to go deeper into your mind. You will be able to extract more out of your reading and add value to your life. Please use whatever spaces are available to take notes.

Great and highly successful people take Notes. If you are taking notes then you are amongst a few rare breed of people who value their life and are extraordinary. Ordinary people just listen or read (they are a majority) whilst the smart ones (very few) take Notes.

The old fashioned way of Writing is still the best way to take Notes. Take notes like crazy, like someone who is possessed. From passive learning it suddenly becomes active learning. From dead it becomes alive. Thus you Breathe Energy and Life into your Notes

Thoughts, Ideas, Information are all in the Mind. They are perishable and can be lost forever. But when you take notes, you capture them in your Body through writing. Hence writing is also called as Brain Writing. It embeds deeply into your long term memory and will pop out when you need the information most.

Latest cutting edge technologies in the area of Brain, Mind and Body reveals that more precise details emerge if you use your mind muscle memory which is activated by taking notes.

This is the most important Skill for converting any information into precise Actions. Now that you have Action steps you can follow it up to produce great results in your life.

Information- Write down- Precise Actions- Follow Up- Great Results

Super advantages your way-

Taking notes will enhance your learning

You will be able to think and act clearly

You will take more actions for powerful results

You can put a time-frame around taking actions so that a sense of Urgency is created

You will be more productive and able to extract the best of a book or your life.

You can revisit regularly and keep refining your own ideas

Taking Notes makes you disciplined and committed. It is a good habit and nice to learn and apply.

One secret tip- Write with Red ink as it is more impressionable. It registers faster and deeper. Red also represents vitality and awakening. Red is also the colour of the Muladhara or the Root Chakra which represents energy of Money and Finances.

Spread the message of Taking Notes to all your loved ones as this will add value and enhance their life.

This is an excerpt from Suresh recent book- #Street Smart

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