The Crypto Winter Bottom Has Yet to be Found

Two crashes in a single week…taking Bitcoin, already in the throes of a winter slump, down even further to $6,500. While the world’s top crypto by market cap seems to have recovered above $7,000 at press time, there’s no telling how long this rally will last. But, it’s becoming increasingly unlikely that anything can revive the bulls before winter is over.

Can this be considered normal volatility since Bitcoin was $10,000 last month? Well, possibly. …

Bitcoin’s Short Term Crash Doesn’t Negate Long-Term Gains, Say Experts

Bitcoin continues its correction below $8,000…but some big names still think that the future is bright. People, such as the major Bitcoin investor Tom Draper and analyst Tom Lee, aren’t worried about the future of the world’s top cryptocurrency — instead, for them, this represents a buying opportunity.

Where’s all this optimism coming from? All these people are long-term HODLers, and they have an interest in giving Bitcoin a long lifespan. And they’re also core figures in the industry, with a first-hand look into its progress and development. To them, the future keeps getting brighter for Bitcoin.

Some specifics? Tom…

Bitcoin Price May Hibernate Before Waking Up to Halving Pump

It’s starting to look increasingly likely that the new Bitcoin winter is here…despite the halving being only six months away. The price has seen a 7.8% decline over the week, busting through the previous support of $8,500 and approaching now $8,000, and possibly lower, if bulls the fail to keep the currency above that level.

Don’t halvings usually lead to bull runs? Well, there’s only been two halvings in the past, so the data is quite scarce — but both of them saw bullish movements in the run-up. …

The Monfex platform is expanding its range of trading instruments! Previously you could only enter into contracts with cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, etc., now you have access to Forex instruments, indices, commodities, and spot metals. What an update! But first things first…

Forex instruments

Forex is an international currency market where the main convertible currencies are traded relative to each other. We have collected the best trading instruments of this market and added them to our platform. Now on Monfex, you can trade such currency pairs as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, NZD/USD, AUD/USD.

The main advantage of the tools mentioned above is…

Bitcoin Goes Global as Twitter CEO Takes Aim at Africa

So far, Bitcoin’s popularity has been limited to speculators and idealist startup founders…but it’s long had the promise of ‘banking the unbanked.’ And what is the perfect setting to achieve this? Africa. It is one of the continents that could use an alternative financial system — 66% of Africans living in the sub-Sahara region are unbanked. Now Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, has been sighted in Nigeria, meeting with local Bitcoin trailblazers and community figures.

What’s he doing there? No one knows the details, aside from meetings with various people who are big in crypto in Nigeria. …

Chinese State Media Praises Bitcoin Ahead of Digital Currency Launch

Bitcoin is all the rage…especially in China, where the state media just ran a front-page article as a homage to what it calls “the first successful implementation of blockchain technology.” China has been working hard on incorporating blockchain technology ever since the Chinese premier, Xi Jinping, called blockchain an innovative new technology.

So has China reversed course on Bitcoin? It seems like it! After removing a proposed mining ban, and giving heaping praise to Bitcoin’s features, it looks like China is warming up to the world’s top crypto.

What about…

China Reverses Course on Mining

China, home to four out of the five biggest Bitcoin mining pools, will no longer ban mining…which can only mean good things for the world’s leading cryptocurrency. The country had previously considered a ban on mining, and regulation was included in its annual industrial standards document, but the reference to regulation is now gone.

Why would China change its mind?

October Was a Good Month for Bitcoin

Bitcoin beat gold in growth for the first time since June…putting down double-digit growth for October. October was a good month for Bitcoin in general, with the leading cryptocurrency growing 11.10% after an extended downtrend in August. With Bitcoin firmly established in the ~$9,000 range, eyes are now fixed on $9,500 as the next price target as the uptrend seems confirmed.

What’s this about beating gold? A twitter poll conducted by former US Senator Ron Paul was firmly in favor of holding Bitcoin over gold and t-notes over 10 years. …

Bitcoin reached a major milestone…one that confirms Bitcoin’s overwhelming popularity in the cryptocurrency space. All of Bitcoin’s fundamentals have been improving, from daily confirmed transactions to hash rates. And these improvements mean that despite short-term volatility, Bitcoin is considered to be stable enough for the long run.

What is this milestone? $1 billion in transaction fees paid on the blockchain. Transaction fees are a vital part of the Bitcoin system that incentivizes miners to keep running nodes and, thus, play a role in securing the entire network. …

Bitcoin’s Back and Touching $10,000

The world’s first and leading crypto by market cap has once again broken the $10,000 level…though it didn’t stay there long, stabilizing at $9,438 at press time. And the big question on everyone’s mind is, “Why?”. There are a few very plausible reasons, including a resurgence of good press — dampened by Libra and Telegram’s TON Coin — which undoubtedly played a role in Bitcoin’s resurgence.

What sort of good press? China, which has had an off-again, on-again relationship, said that it would be focusing efforts on developing blockchain technology, a heady signal for Chinese investors and traders who have…


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