How a “Day Dream” would be for you? Mine starts at 05:00am and is a lot exciting!

Close your eyes and pretend to have a "Day Dream". Those days where you go to sleep and realize that enjoy a lot, gave your best and all having joy and fun.

I have to tell you that is my first post in english (I'm brazilian). 
I apologize in advance for the images , they contain Portuguese text ( translation below the photo) , as well as video .

How a "Day Dream" would be for you?

My days, almost every day, tend to be like this. And that is because I choose that way. I have little rituals that helps me to hold my anxiety, manage my time and my goals.

Yesterday I had another "Day Dream" and I decide to share it to the world because good vibes are missing (just turn on television). But now with images and not words.

Have fun!

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