Marriage Equality For All: Legalise Same-Sex Marriage in Australia

Say “I do” down under. — Joshua Sasse
Love is love.

Marriage is the strongest way to express your love to someone. It symbolises your commitment and loyalty to the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. We should all have the right to say “I do”, no matter race, gender, religion, or sexuality…

How would you feel if you were not allowed to marry the person you loved?

Unfortunately, 11 in 100 people in Australia, who identify with a diverse sexual orientation, sex or gender identify, face this injustice everyday.

Same-sex marriage is not legally recognised in Australia, even if same-sex couples are legally married in other countries.

What exactly is marriage equality?

Marriage equality is a human rights issue that affects many people all over the world. It is the legal right for same-sex couples to be married just as heterosexual couples are allowed to be married in the eyes of the law.

More than 20 countries, according to The Conversation, have legalised gay marriage — including The Netherlands, New Zealand, and the US.

It is often a topic for debate on why Australia seems so “backwards” and “far behind the times” by not legalising same-sex marriage.

Why should Australia legalised same-sex marriage?

According to Australian Marriage Equality, same-sex couples wish to marry for the same reason hetero-couples get married; ‘to publicly proclaim and celebrate their love and commitment, to protect their children, to ensure legal and social recognition and for a whole host of other reasons.’ In other words, to receive basic human rights.

According to SBS, the Australian Medical Association has recently announced their support for the campaign for same-sex marriage. They have introduced new factors as to why gay marriage should be legalised. President Michael Gannon has said “As long as the discrimination against LGBTIQ people continues, they will continue to experience poorer health outcomes as a result.”

“It is not OK to segregate and ostracise a portion of the population, to physiologically destroy people’s ability to dream and to experience the same things as everyone else, based on sexuality alone.” — Belinda Escott

Shouldn’t Australia have a say in who should get married?

The 2014 Crosby Textor Poll, commissioned by Austraian Marriage Equality, shows that 72% of all Australians believe same-sex marriage should be legalised.

Here are some Australians who have given their opinion on the topic:

Penny Taylor, Australian basketballer:

Penny Taylor (right) with wife Diana Taurasi (left)

Taylor and her partner, Diana Taurasi, have recently been married in Phoenix, Arizona. Although they are legally recognised as a married couple in America, and many other western nations, this is not the case in Australia. Taylor told the Sydney Morning Herald “…in this one area I am not treated as an equal, I’m not given the same rights as anyone else and there are many other people who are in my shoes that aren’t treated as equals in this issue.”

Penny Wong, Australian politician:

Senator Penny Wong

Labour frontbencher Penny Wong believes the freedom of religious beliefs is the reason the LGBT+ community has been denied its rights of being legally wedded. Senator Wong has told the Sydney Morning Herald that “religion-based moral codes continue to limit the freedoms and the rights of those who, in the view of religious groups, do not ‘conform’ to their views.”

Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister:

Rudd Launches Passionate Gay Marriage Defence

Even the children of Australia believe same-sex marriage should be legalised:

Australian Kids Respond to America’s Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

How to get involved?

Marriage Equality Protest


Use the Twitter search bar and type in that hashtag to find countless posts of support and also share your support!

Supporting organisations and campaigns:

“Australian Marriage Equality is a national organisation working for equal marriage for all consenting adults, as we a believe person’s gender or sexuality should not affect their legal rights and responsibilities under Australian marriage law.” — Australian Marriage Equality

“Our mission is to make everyone feel welcome and accepted no matter who you are. It’s this focus that has brought our attention to the LGBTQI community and the support needed for marriage equality in Australia.” — Until We All Belong (Click this link to watch The Acceptance Ring)

“GetUp is working towards a thriving democracy in Australia led by the values and hopes of everyday people. We envisage a Fair, Flourishing and Just Australia.” — GetUp!

Australia, get the word out!

Marriage equality is a basic human right that we should all be entitled to. A person’s sexuality should not mean denying the right to love, and express that love, to whoever we want.

So tweet, retweet, protest, express, and make sure everyone knows we all have the right to love!

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