New Year Update 2019

We’re back on track. After a one-year forced break — Sercan’s military service and the birth of Hakan’s son — we will tackle ambitious milestones in 2019.

Architectural changes

We will go with the time and rebuild the architecture, supported by the latest technology.

React + GraphQL + NodeJS

MeteorJS didn’t get as much attention from the community as we expected. We’ll keep our coveted and proven look and feel and build on it. We will use React in the frontend and keep the backend in plain vanilla NodeJS. GraphQl is the new star in frontend backend communication. Here we have very good contacts to the GraphQL community and will be supported accordingly by them with the API Design energetically.

We make nosqlclient bombs safe

For this purpose we will use established methods from the DevOps area. We aim for 100% test coverage, short branch lengths, our docker images will be included in a continuous deployment pipeline. So you can be sure that you will always get the latest version on Docker Hub and GitHub.

For 2019 we plan to establish a real company as well.

Our main goal is to provide enterprise support and to implement paid features that are often requested by our users. We will continue to strengthen the Open Source development as well as expand our team with sales and marketing staff. We are confident that with the technology switch we will have a higher number of contributors.

Talk to us

However, if you have anything in your mind to share with us just don’t hesitate and join our slack channel, thanks for your all kind of support so far.