Review of getting to Khao San Road from Saphan Taksin

If you’re suddenly faced with the decision of getting to Khao San Road by boat, but aren’t sure of the process, or you want to compare it against other modes of transport like a taxi, this review is for you.

The first time around, I took a taxi on my own from Ratchathewi BTS station at night. It costed around 60 THB and took about 20–30 minutes, depending on traffic. It was the same price and duration going back to the BTS station as well.

I decided to take the boat option this time around during the day to see what it was like.

I took the BTS from Punnawithi to Siam, then transfered to the Silom line to go to Saphan Taksin (30 minutes, around 52 THB). This might be shorter for you if you live closer to Siam, just a friendly reminder.

Since I live far from Siam, I bought a 50 trip Rabbit Card for 30 days. It costed around 1250 THB. It brings down the cost per BTS trip down to 25 THB, but there are overage fees once you go above a certain number of stops, so I make sure to keep cash on the card as well. 100 THB at a time should do.

From Saphan Taksin station, I walked to the ferry, and waited in line for 15 minutes, paying the ferry fare of 15 THB.

You end up spending more in time trying to save a few baht, but you do get some nice views. Also, I wouldn’t have done this if the weather were really hot and humid, which it wasn’t, thankfully.

The boat left the ferry at 14:50.

We arrived to the first stop at Chinatown at 14:58.

Then we arrived to the second stop at Watarun at 15:08.

We arrived to third stop at Thachang at 15:13.

We arrived to Tha Wang Lang at 15:16.

When we got to the Tha Wang Lang stop, we had to take another boat at 15:20 to cross to the other side to Tha Phra Chan. I think I made a mistake here, so try to avoid this from happening to you.

We arrived to Tha Phra Chan at 15:25, paying an exit fee of 3.5 THB.

Begin the walk to Khao San Road

We arrive to Khao San Road at 15:56, minus ten minutes for the detour, and that’s being generous.

Thanks again for reading my little piece on the logistical differences between taking the ferry or a taxi to Khao San Road.


The ferry option allowed us to sightsee a little bit on our walk from the pier to Khao San Road.

Monument to student protestors who died in demonstrations near Thammasat University