Mongoose Coin: The Day Congress Interrogated Crypto and Accidentally Created a Movement

On December 8th, 2021, a pivotal Congress hearing on crypto happened in Congress, Senator Brad Sherman joked that a meme coin called Mongoose Coin could become a threat to crypto.

The reaction ignited a movement.

In his remarks in the hearing, Sherman said the following.

“The number one threat to cryptocurrency is crypto. Bitcoin could be displaced by Ether, which could be displaced by Doge which could be displaced by HamsterCoin and then there’s CobraCoin what could MongooseCoin do to CryptoCoin?”

Crypto Twitter Reacts

Almost instantly, Twitter reacted:

It wasn’t long before some of the major players in crypto demanded a Mongoose Coin.

Hamster coin rose from the dead.

But Mongoose Coin captured everyone’s attention.

The hot takes appeared.

The memes arrived.

Industry commentators jumped on the story.

Fomo kicked in.

And we all thought the same thing.

How Congress inspired Mongress

Mongoose Coin was named by Congress and made by the community, the Mongress. In a pivotal moment that could’ve shifted negatively shifted sentiment against crypto, the meeting was positive.

A Movement Ignited

Like Shib and Doge, these meme coins inspired millions of holders, many who own no Bitcoin to join global communities of like-minded people to send their coins to market caps no-one had seen.

$mong has been called the next major meme coin.


Because it was named by Congress and now it’s run by Mongress. We want you to join the Mongress. They want to shut us down but we’re unstoppable.

$mong is 12666x from Shib and 14666x away from Doge coin.

This is the fastest growing and most hyped meme coin of 2021. All eyes are on Mong and we want you to join the Mongress.

Even Bloomberg has recognised the $mong movement.

The Next Stage

We’re assembling an A-Grade team to co-ordinate a media blitz to create a movement behind $mong. A movement that captures the community’s fight against regulators, for freedom and for a common goal.

You’re early. So early.

Take your seat in Mongress. It’s our time to shine.

A Bonus: Your First Mongress Product

MongFi — The future of finding alpha and avoiding scams.

Mongfi is a privacy-first platform for anyone to post calls of tokens they find on BSC and Uniswap. The platform automatically records the price and market cap at the time of calling. Then shows each callers stats for each call in real time on their profile.

Stats such as real time % gain and all time high from price posted.

The calls can’t be changed or deleted.

The platform is anonymous, although callers can verify their social accounts if they want.

Callers and Mongoose’s (users) simply sign in through Ethereum. We collect no other data.

Real time leaderboards: The Best Alpha Wins

The MongFi platform will have real time leaderboards for overall best callers that day/week/month. As well as leaders for each category. Top callers will be paid in $mong as a percentage of daily/weekly volume.

Callers can also set their profiles to private and charge in $mong. Unlike existing paid groups, their results are fully transparent. Allowing anyone to out-compete the biggest paid groups in crypto based on the quality of their calls. Not the size of their following.

The goal of the platform isn’t just to reward callers. It’s to allow everyone to find trending coins faster than ever before.

We believe this will fundamentally change the dynamics of gem hunting and make scammers obselete and reward the small fish who find the biggest catches. Along with the big CT accounts who have proven time and again they can be trusted.

Mongfi will also have a built-in sharing functionally for callers and Mongoosers to share their top gains as an image on social platforms, like the Binance futures functionality.

The Roadmap

Our ethos at Mongoose is to be community-led. The Congress named us but the community made us.

We’ll be building MongFi open in public. The next phase is the litepaper followed by the whitepaper with deeper detail on the platform.

The next steps are:

  • Release Discord using CollabLand for $mong holders only to shape the MongFi platform and gain beta access.
  • Release the litepaper
  • Setup the MongFi holding website
  • Launch the Mongress Dao to vote on Mongoose Coin and Monfi’s development. Initially using SnapShot then exploring advanced DAO tools like Finance.Vote’s DAO stack
  • Run feedback sessions with the community to shape the platform. Vote on UI/UX and features
  • Release the MongFi beta version for early adopters
  • Release MongFi on iPhone and Android
  • Help fund the fight against scammers in crypto
  • Replace the dollar


Can anyone join?

No. You have to hold $mong to see or make calls.

Can calls be deleted?

No. Calls can’t be deleted. Our analytics engine tracks the best caller regardless of followers.

Can callers go private and charge for calls?

Yes, call channels can be made private and payment accepted in $mong. This allows people with no social media follower to gain unprecedented exposure to new followers based on their calls.

What happens to bad callers/scammers?

If you stats are bad you’ll be hidden on theplatform. MongFi highlights the highest ROI alpha calls and buries the bad calls.








The first ever meme coin named by a US senator, Mongoose Coin. Welcome to Mongress

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Mongoose Coin

Mongoose Coin

The first ever meme coin named by a US senator, Mongoose Coin. Welcome to Mongress

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