Jack of all trades. Master of none. Does it matter?

When it came down to compiling my CV, the skills list was long, and looked impressive, however, it did make me think “but am I really good at all of these?”.

The short answer? No. I’m not. Not every skill listed. I know how it works, how to implement it, manage it. But I don’t know everything there is to know about each skill. So the question is; Does it matter?

Being a firm believer in learning from your mistakes, and trying to swim in the deep end, learning on the job is best. But you need to have the base skill set. Not all employers have the same needs. Some would focus on one of your skill sets, another on something else, even though the job description or job title is the same. 
Disclaimer: this does not apply to jobs where you’re saving lives!

That said, where should you up-skill? Should you even bother to up-skill? Yes, absolutely, 100% yes! Whenever you can, try and learn as much as possible on as wide a scope as possible. There is always room for improvement. But don’t worry if you’re not a super-awesome-amazing-ninja-master.

In this age of technology (don’t you just hate that phrase?!), we have everything at a click of a button. Take for instance a developer. All your fundamental skills are there. But when you come across an issue you don’t have experience in, just Google it. You’ll find hundreds of forums with all the answers you could possibly want. Someone else has already experienced your issue and has already resolved it. Why not leverage off this and learn at the same time?

The same counts for various other positions. You don’t need to be an expert at everything to be able to put it on your CV to make it look good. Know the fundamentals. The rest you’ll learn.

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