Building a design system is one thing, but having people adopt it and maintain it, is another. In this blog, I’ll talk about the next steps — after a design system is built.

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Our design system on Zeroheight

During my time at Juvo, we deployed our app’s designs to different markets around the world. Our partners in these markets, 8 Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) use different languages and branding. Our app needs to be in these languages and be consistent with our partner’s brand. My colleague Melissa led and built a design system that reduced our deployment time from 1 month to 10 days before…

This story was originally written for CloudApp.

Over the years, I’ve traveled through 30 countries and lived in eight. I speak three languages and have designed in five countries. My myriad of experiences include:

  • Designed for a women and children’s rights non-profit in El Salvador
  • Studied information design in Austria
  • Interned at a multidisciplinary design agency in Turkey
  • Contributed to interactive data visualizations for a Swedish data journalism platform
  • Freelanced for several businesses and organizations in the US

We’re living in an increasingly diverse world where cross-cultural interactions are common through migration and travel. If companies want to have impact, design has to be functional and relevant to differing cultures. In UX, this is referred to as localization. …

Monica Guerrero

Design nerd meets world traveler. Current product designer at Human Interest.

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