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Tools to generate habits and rituals

Either individually or in your workgroup, I leave you with some activities or tools that can help you generate a habit or ritual.

Have you ever been told that it only takes three weeks to create a habit? In my own experience, I say that it is possible as long as you are aware that what you are doing is new behavior for you or a workgroup.

How I explain it in my blog The importance of rituals is vital to understand what behavior you want to modify, the desire you want to cover, and the reward you want to give. Once identified and started, it is essential to provide appropriate follow-up and motivation.
When people feel motivated to perform a behavior, it will continue in their daily lives and become a habit. And suppose we add motivation to the habit. In that case, a ritual generated will be very powerful because it will always give us the emotion and the connection of habits with emotions to continue.

How to get motivation?

To stay motivated to perform a habit, it is crucial how the reward can be observed and measured. A clear example is when we plan to improve our diet and thus seek new habits and lose weight as a reward. One way to motivate yourself is to have an app to track and measure what you eat and what you should eat to reach your desired weight. Every time you enter your food diary, it will tell you the components and how your weight reflects on the food log.

Screenshot My Fitness Pal app

If you want to know more, you can check this article with some examples. Also, as an advantage, all the food apps integrate with other physical activity apps, such as Fitbit, Garmin connect, or Apple health

You have a more accurate record of calories entered vs. calories burned in those daily help activities and thus enjoy rewards that the same applications share with you.

When we want to go beyond a food or physical activity log, we want to do some work or creative activity time for a personal or work project; Journal applications help you achieve that goal and see your results. And progress in a short time. One that allows you a lot to generate habits and assigns you tasks and reminders is the Moleskine Journal.

Screenshot Moleskine journal
Moleskine Journal Planner

But if what you want is to create a small habit and see results. Here I leave you a BLOG with several apps that may interest you.

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Rituals with your work team

If you generate a habit that improves your work performance and feels motivated, what you want is to improve an entire work team. What is needed is to create a common agreement of rituals with the work team on certain everyday activities that can improve trust and communication.

  1. Use ice-breaker activities to start a meeting. Start with a question that allows everyone to synchronize in the meeting and get to know each other in a fun way: What movie character would you like to be? What was your favorite Halloween costume? What is your favorite food?

2. Define the rules of the meeting among the team. Who runs the meeting that day? Who is the guardian of time? Define how to update a member who does not attend the meeting? How to end the meeting?

3. Once a month carry out an activity that motivates everyone and live together: A physical or virtual meeting to have a coffee or beer, a physical or virtual lunch with familiar food. A time to talk about a topic defined by all.

4. Play escape rooms virtual or on-site

5. A day to review what works well and what does not work well in their daily activities or projects. Being honest and open to receiving feedback will help improve communication and everyday activities.
Remember you need three weeks with daily behavior or a month for weekly activities. Good Luck!



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