Attending various tech Meetups over the years has been pivotal to my growth as a technologist

I took a leap and left my full-time job as an email marketer, to work to pursue software engineering! This summer I kicked off my engineering career as a Full Stack Engineering Intern at Meetup with the Meetups at WeWork team; we are responsible for allowing organizers to seamlessly book space to host their Meetup events. I strongly encourage event organizers to check it out and learn more here as this service is currently free.

Attending various Meetups in New York City over the years has been pivotal to my growth as a technologist and has led me to…

Using Twython Twitter API wrapper to add users to a Twitter List

We are going to create a Python script that will automatically search Twitter for individuals who use the #freeCodeCamp hashtag and add them to a Twitter list of “FreeCodeCampers”. Twitter lists are a way to curate a group of individuals on Twitter and collect all of their tweets in a stream, without having to follow each individual accounts. Twitter lists can contain up to 5,000 individual Twitter accounts.

We can accomplish this by doing the following:

  • Installing the necessary Python packages
  • Registering an application with Twitter
  • Generating and accessing our Twitter credentials
  • Making Twitter Search and List API calls


A brief guide to getting started on UNIX/Mac OS terminal

Output on Mac OS terminal after typing: telnet

When I was first introduced to the command line I really had to adjust to navigating my computer in a black box with just text. So I avoided the command line as much as possible. I was accustomed to the visual cues and feedback that a computer usually provides. In many ways it felt like I was re-learning how to use a computer via the command line.

Yet, since first learning how to navigate my computer using UNIX commands I’ve learned that the command line doesn’t have to be a scary thing just because there’s no visual feedback when typing…

Key lessons on self-care, growth and amplifying your voice

Ela Conf is an inclusive tech leadership conference and community for cis women, trans men and trans women, and gender-queer people. It was established in the year 2015. Since then, the community has received a lot of support from organizations like Github, Mapbox, Braintree and Zapier. All participants and attendees in the community are encouraged to connect with and empower one another.

I was fortunate to be able to attend the 2017 Ela conference in Philadelphia from October 27–28. While the conference is a couple of days, Ela Organizers have a year-round digital community to allow individuals to stay connected…

Learning how to code — when you’re stuck in-between novice and expert.

Image of three bears chasing Goldilocks. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

“I’m over 101 courses. I want to try 201 and 301.” — thoughts on the lack of classes for self-taught developers between novice and expert.

Lately, I’ve felt a bit stuck with my progress on learning how to code as I think I’m comfortable with the fundamentals. As I’m starting to immerse myself in coding, reading article’s like the Viking Code School’s “Why Learning to Code is So Damn Hard” strongly resonate with me. I recommend checking out that article if you are currently transitioning from breadth knowledge of an area to depth knowledge of a more specific domain.


Is GitHub telling you that your repository is 98.9% CSS or HTML when it isn’t? Here’s how to resolve that issue every time.

I recently started working on a Weather app in Flask to auto-detect a user’s location based off of their IP address. After committing some updates to GitHub my app switched from being labeled as predominately Python to 98.9% CSS even though it was a Flask application in which most of the code I had written was in Python and HTML. Now and again, I do not agree with how GitHub classifies the languages in my repositories so I set out to figure out how to fix this issue.

Four of my favorite poems on womanhood.

Recently one of my friends posted a Facebook status that proclaimed Black women saved her life countless times. These words have stuck with me — especially now.

Everyone deserves a friend like Gayle. Oprah said it so it must be true.

I feel compelled to share a general appreciation for the women in my life who have made me stronger — and who I hope that I have (or will at some point) in some capacity do the same for. This is for the friends that gave me advice that I did not want to hear when I absolutely most…

How to quickly visualize stats about Spotify artists with

This post will go over how to connect with the Spotify API to collect information about artists using Python 3 and then create an infographic from the data Spotify returned. Below is a preview of what we will be creating before we dive into the details.

Installing Requests

In order to play around with Spotify’s API in Python to gather data about artists, I installed Requests: HTTP for Humans via the terminal using: $ pip install requests . …

Protect your application’s API Keys while committing to Git.


If you plan on programming any applications and storing your code in a public GitHub repository then it is important that you protect your API keys 🔑 by ensuring that they are not searchable or otherwise publicly accessible.

What’s an API?

An application programming interface (API) is a structured set of instructions for building applications. If you want to leverage data from services such as Twitter, The New York Times, Slack, Spotify, etc. then you should read their APIs to figure out how to structure your queries to receive data from their service or to post on their service.

What are API keys?

API keys allow developers…

Are you concerned that icons are slowing down your site/app? You shouldn’t be if you are using an icon font!

What’s special about an icon font. Icon fonts are vector-based: they load fast and are completely scalable (w/ a little CSS). An example of an icon font is Font Awesome. There are tons of different fonts depending on the style/type of icons you are looking for.

What is Font Awesome? Font Awesome is a fully open source collection of 400+ icons to use on your next web project.

  • I’ll repeat. These icons are scalable vectors, which means they will load faster on your page than a pixel-based image
  • Easy-to-set up. If you know HTML/CSS then you will have no trouble…

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