Pristiq had a unique yet effective approach on their advertisement in ‘All Recipes.’ When looking through a magazine, it is very common to see ads where the picture might take up at least half of the page. However, Pristiq chose a different route where they grabbed the attention with a smaller picture in the top right corner and the rest is filled with information on their product.

At first glance of this picture the reader’s eyes are drawn to the picture in the top right corner. There is an unhappy wind up doll looking into a mirror of herself smiling with her family. Without any further reading it is easy to assume this ad may be for medicine to treat depression. In the mirror, the image shows use of multiple warm colors such as yellow, red and pink. These colors are used to show strong emotion. The doll looking into the mirror is wearing a light purple shirt and a bland white skirt, lacking emotion. This is smart because Pristiq is trying to portray and relate to the feelings of their target audience. They are simply showing that by taking their drug, the reader may return to their life full of emotion and happiness instead of their lack of emotion state they may be in now. Purple, a soothing color, is the most common color in this ad. Pristiq’s purpose was to show that those with depression can relax because Pristiq can take care of this. The target audience does not need to worry anymore because they have found a cure. The lighting in the mirror is bright and colorful while the rest of the ad is bland. Completely though out, Pristiq had done this to show the effects of the condition they wish to treat and cure. I think this was genius because this ad still grabs attention yet captures the feelings associated with depression to relate to their target audience.

The text covers over a majority of this page, in particularly the body copy. Pristiq basically gives a run down of their product including warnings, summary of condition, and how their drug has improved others behaviors. The top left portion stand out the most, I think. It states, “Does depression hold you back from enjoying your life?” This is comforting in a way because one may infer that they are saying with their drug, depression will not hold you back anymore. The reader will be able to enjoy life again and return to now they were before. The reader may even question themselves and realize that depression has held them back from enjoying life, suddenly realizing they really do need Pristiq. The bottom right corner has the brand name along with the phone number and website. This is usually where a reader may find the name because this is where one’s eyes leave the page. This is their last chance to make you remember their product. The placement of all the text was very well thought out.

The appeal Pristiq showcases the most is the need for guidance. I believe this is the best appeal for any medicinal advertisement because this is exactly what those who are sick look for. In this case, people who have depression are looking for guidance and have found it in this ad. Because depression can affect really any age, I do not think they have a very specific target audience in general. In this specific ad, it seems they are advertising for those who have a family. This ad basically says to enjoy your life with your family again.

Overall, this ad is very effective because of all the strategically placed elements. Everything from the colors, to USP, to the picture being in the top right is all where it is for a reason. There are no coincidences. Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertisement each year to ensure that their product is the best. However, not every company can have the best product when it is such a competitive business. This is where the creative advertisements come in. The goal now is to stand out and be remembered by the buyer. There is not a “set definition” for an effective ad. This is why ads have multiple parts to them. Whether it be color, slogan or even placement, there are no coincidences when it comes to advertisements. Effective ads do a much better job of selling their product than those with boring and lame ads. It is the advertising companies job to convince the buyer why they NEED to have that product. When companies are able to do that, that is when they will be successful.

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