How To Get Past Your Emotions Blocks And Fears So You Can Live The Life You Want
Benjamin P. Hardy

“Happiness can only come as the unintended side-effect of pursuing a cause greater than yourself. Purpose trumps passion always.”

Thanks for reminding me of this. How is it we get so caught up in pursuing the emotion of happiness that we forget to just pursue things of value…which will make us happy? Perhaps trying to force the emotion of happiness is the result of not wanting to pull that thorn out- putting on a happy mask to prove that you are that emotion. This article gave me a lot to think about…

One thing I often wonder about though is when we get OVER concerned with the thorn. A lot of new age and neo spiritualism place a lot of emphasis on self healing, removing the thorn you could say, but then it can become kind of a black hole of never ending self healing. In my experience though, sometimes you can face those fears and the pain still remains. I’ve personally worked on “owning” my anger this year and have sent many a well thought out email to people I have needed to communicate with, and their response will usually leave me wanting. In the end, the action itself doesn’t heal the problem, much like removing a thorn doesn’t mean the wound wont throb or you wont get an infection..heh heh. I think action + time + acceptance=letting go. Maybe?