An Open Letter to Ohio’s Congressional Delegation from Ohio health professionals
Unaffiliated healthcare professionals of Ohio

ObamaCare (and I’m happy to call it that because I like President Obama and his ACA) has been good for my business and good for clients. Because of the medicaid expansion, I have been able to work with clients that are at greatest need for skilled mental health treatment. Community mental health agencies have been short-staffed for years and run by people that might be good therapists but often poor managers. If this is repealed, clients that I have built a trusting relationship with will have to go back to community mh agencies where they will have to wait weeks or months to see a therapist and that therapist is unlikely to have the experience or the time to give these clients the attention they need. I am making real progress with people which will result in continued decrease in psychiatric hospitalizations and possibly them returning to the workforce or being able to keep a job or get a better one. Quality mental health treatment saves the health care system and the economy in significant ways.

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