Permanent Marker’s Scent

I’m feeling it now. It’s time to feel ugly, oh yes, thank you for stoping by in my little skull to remind me of that terrible face. I guess I was thinking too much; I dream of stars more than I should. Not the one’s with plastic skin and cravings for camera but the ones that I can only see the past of, damn, I wish my dreams were real.

Never mind: Monica’s dreamland has been canceled for reality due to the portal to hell that opened up recently, Pope Farkus made it non-negotiable to close it so now we got demons swarming all around, floating, and disturbing the natives in this mind. I think my brain has just expired. I thought it was time to get a new one anyways. Watch out for Persephone’s stalker.

Remember that one time when you were alone with whatever that teacher’s name was, quiet mind, do you remember? How you thought his eyes were pretty but you never payed attention where they were looking. It was weird when he said something along the lines that a male teacher and a female student should be not allowed by permits of school, wasn’t it? Is that even a thing?

Sounds like some quality bullshit but I was too confused to understand. Actually I’m still pretty lost, lost control in his grasp but now he’s lost in my mind. I’ll never see him again so maybe it never happened in the first place. Quiet mind. Calm mind. Feels nothing, feels fine, feels empty.