Being listened is being a human being.

I am compromised in socialize on certain social medias.
And I think, the important is not the media for me, is the purpose.
Between all open offers for this activity, I have found some very interesting Apps, like language exchange’s Apps. For me isn’t enough to say, we are collaborating with languages practicing and their learning issues. 
Instead of, we are nurturing a deep and extensive links of knowledge through practicing to be more open minded, tolerants and empathic.
On line, we have the opportunity if we wish it, of develop small projects like offer our full attention to someone who we consider a complete strange for us, It could be a very small but huge difference in our lives and to others whom like many of us need some kindness, reinforcing this feeling of being part of a community, a society or of the world.
This provide a real legitimation to face on society about necessity as humans need to be listened.