Information matters

Inevitably the ways we send electronic information in the future will be more efficient and secure. PC World said in an recent article, a valuable source for sending information is “Send.” service. In which you don’t have to provide your private information to the website service, because this notify to receiver in a direct form, avoiding criminal interceptions for the users. Finally, we; “The users” we will have hope of gain the benefits of sending information in the most convenient way.

What is the future of our civil rights on free access to information?
After the Aaron Swartzs death. Who was one of the principal activists in this topic several years ago in USA. Many of his followers will undoubtedly, are continuing with the fight for the rights on free access to information. Though, online petitions and with the film that ultimately tells Aaron’s story, as resource for making more aware people in this topic.
 As conclusion, the free access to information will inevitably continue for each person who believes that our civil rights deserve to be legitimated and as a way to keep on live Aaron’s legacy.

Currently, shared information though internet is considered for many users, faster than some years ago. Technology Companies are working on millions of optic fiber installations (a special cable that transport data in form of light) which is more fast than common cables used on traditional internet installations. So, as result, people of remote places around the world, in future may well become users of internet in a short period of time. For entertainment, learn and communicate with high speed.

After this short review, on these issues related to information,
in my humble opinion: Information matters!