Mental Health

A young man killed 17 at a high school in Parkland, Florida, is starting to seem like a typical news story. To my mind, it is unbelievable how normative this kind of incident is becoming. Many people think that school shootings are caused for the massive sale of guns and not for mental issues. Because someone how is 15 years old can buy an “AR-15”, but it’s is unable to vote or even buy alcohol. We have to guarantee kid’s safety, it is stupid that adolescents can have an access to a gun and even they can buy it because is their right.

I don’t want to change the 2nd amendment of our constitution I just want that kids don’t have an access to guns. Also I believed that government should provide the schools with a psychologist that examine every kid every month to be able to detect in them some kind of mental issue and be able to help the student and also to avoid this kind of incident. Gun-owners’ rights are protected by the US Constitution. The Second Amendment, adopted in 1791, gives Americans the right to “keep and bear arms”. And the perfect solution is to repeal it, because we can’t change the constitution. Even if the Second Amendment were repealed — it wouldn’t mean that guns were banned. It would simply remove the constitutional right to “keep and bear arms”

We should get a referral the counselor will sit down and talk to that kid and they’ll basically tell their story. If we see a situation that’s of concern for that particular student where they might be an imminent threat we’ll hook up a telemedicine link with a child psychiatrist, From that point we’ll know better what the next step will be: sometimes it looks like hospitalization sometimes it looks like medication management, sometimes it looks like a mental health facility, and sometimes it looks like an arrest. Nearly every school shooter has been described as not fitting in and socially awkward, and distressed about it. I suspect they became desperate to find a way to belong to a social group after their prior efforts failed. It seems plausible that through the act of becoming a school shooter, these individuals could feel connections to other humans like them, and even as horrible as it would be to kill others, that is better than not being connected to anyone.

As Malcolm Gladwell described so well in his book, Tipping Point, behaviors can spread as contagious epidemics just like infectious diseases. Gladwell gives many examples of products that suddenly became fashionable and behaviors that suddenly became common. After long periods of not being fashionable or common. In each case, something happened to make the products or behaviors desirable.

We as a community we need to take care of it, we should make campaigns organization end even proposes to make the government help us. This is a problem that affect everyone in the nation. With a government of our side support us to make every kid feel save at school this is situation that we are able to change save the life of millions of kids. No one should have the right to take away the life of someone else. We have the right to defend ourselves and kill other person only if this person put in danger our own life. Government should protect the life or every single student around the world. As they do the possible to protect every citizen.

The stakeholders are the students because they are affected directly by this issue of school shootings caused for persons with a disorder of mental health.The decision makers are the people or the community because they want to stop this issue that is happening to is not common to send your kids to school where is support to be a safe place to them and won’t be able to see them again because someone with mental issues decide that your kid have to dead because he believe that is right.