To my dearest friends in Labor

Dear Friends,

Thank you for the many years of support while I have served our children on the Los Angeles Unified School Board. I have been honored to have earned the endorsement of the LA County Federation of Labor. We have done a lot. Regardless of your vote today regarding the 14th Council district I will continue to work with you to protect and support working families.

Together we passed $28 billion in school construction bonds that created 180,000 new seats for our students while creating 320,000 jobs! I am proud that each of those bond programs were under project labor agreements that combined represent the largest PLA and school construction bonds in American history.

Congrats Roosevelt Rough Riders. Enjoy the new buildings!

Together, we fought to create good jobs and good schools. That is why I made sure LAUSD was the first government body in LA to pass and implement a $15 minimum wage. We also turned thousands of part time workers into full time workers with benefits. We also eliminated thousands of outsourced jobs including bus drivers and brought them in house. In fact, since representing District 2 as chief of staff, together we have doubled teacher pay while protecting healthcare and pension benefits. We managed this even as Sacramento chose to fund prisons, not schools and during one of the greatest economic recessions in American history. But for some, this was not enough to earn me a conversation with you this time.


I want to assure you that you will continue to have no greater friend than me on the City Council, an authentic voice of support. I am committed to serving families and communities of the 14th for the full term. I am also committed to work with you to make every community clean and safe and to tackle issues associated with housing head on. I have a proven track record that demonstrates our ability to succeed.

Finally I am proud to say that at LAUSD, attendance is up, graduation is up, schools are cleaner, safer, and more kids than ever are going to college. This across the district, not just in affluent communities We have disrupted the cycle of poverty and led grassroots organizing to end forced busing and year-round schools all the while being an economic engine.

As the daughter of immigrants, I understand my father’s union job created economic opportunity for us. I feel a need to pay forward. We may have differences among ourselves in this race, but know my door will always be open and I will need your help to serve the City we both love.

Thank you for letting me share my piece.


P.S. I am going to win this city council seat and I look forward to inviting you all to my inauguration.

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