Photograph what inspires you

If something is important to you practice it often. Photography is a skill you can learn. Knowing how to master your gear to create the image you see in your mind is only one part of photography. The second is about the story you have to share.

Your story is buried inside

You might be thinking, “well, I have no idea what story I want to share. How do I know what to share?” It’s only through shooting hundreds, thousands of photos that you’ll begin to understand your message, the story you have buried inside. It’s waiting to come out but it has to find you shooting.

Make it a habit

This is why you want you to develop the habit of pulling your iPhone’s camera out in a moment’s notice. The next time you see something that inspires you get your camera out and photograph it. It doesn’t matter what (or who) it is or where you are. The purpose is to get into the habit of using your camera often. Eventually you won’t even realize you’re doing this, it becomes second nature.

Find your themes

I have thousands of photos stored on my iPhone. I scroll through them and I notice themes. Not every one of these photos are my proudest moments captured. In fact a lot of them are terrible but that’s not the point. You have to shoot your fair share of terrible photos before you’ll reach the ones you can look back and say, “yeah, I’m proud of this one” or “this is my best work”, or even better “I’ll never forget this moment”.

I also don’t want you to regret not taking the time to photograph a moment passed. It’s easy to look back and wish you had some way to remember it or share it with someone. But once you develop the habit of using your iPhone’s camera, even if it doesn’t help you create the best photo in the moment, you’re on your way to finding your visual style and realizing the message you have within you.

The Sutro Tower from Dolores park

Find your muse

After years of using my phone’s camera to take photos while roaming the streets of San Francisco, over time I realized this is what I’m meant to do. I fell in love with this city long ago before I understood it’s importance to me and now there’s nothing I enjoy shooting more.

The city is my muse. From its picturesque street views, to the iconic Golden Gate bridge, the rolling fog, and the bright lights and signage, I know the characters of my story.
Streets of San Francisco

Document everything

Even if you have a DSLR camera that helps you take your best photos in low-light settings or create the creamy bokeh backgrounds we all crave, we don’t always have our best equipment with us.

Life doesn’t wait for us to capture it, you have to chase it. You need to be ready when something worth documenting unfolds before your eyes. Become a reporter and capture your city. Expose the details no one else notices but you, let them fall in love the way you have.

Expose the details no one else notices but you, let them fall in love the way you have.

You’ll never discover the story only you can share with the world if you don’t practice capturing it. From this moment on take the time and document your surroundings. If you don’t see inspiration around you, make it. Maybe you become your own stylist who creates these moments worth capturing. However you decide to do it, just get out there and shoot. And in no time you’ll find you have more to say, more to share.

Valencia Street in San Francisco

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