Sore… But, not anymore!

Today was my first day of my spinning challenge. Although it wasn’t my first spinning class of the week. I went to my first spin class in over two months this past Monday. I wanted to get a “head start” in this crazy new challenge.

I’m not sure if it turned out to be a good idea or not.

I was sore all day on Tuesday and absolutely dreaded the idea of spinning on Wednesday. There were so many negative thoughts going through my mind these past couple of days.

Thoughts like:

“I lost my practice.” “It’s not true when they say you never forget how to bike.” “I can’t feel my thighs.” “My calves feel like they are constantly stabbed by millions of knives.” “It feels better to just lay down and maybe sit this challenge out.” “I just finished a 30 day yoga challenge on the 30th of September and this next challenge is too soon.” “Why should I keep making a fool of myself since I’m not even losing any pounds on these challenges.” “What does it matter if I exercise if I can’t stop drinking Pepsi?” “I’m not a fit person and maybe I’m not meant to be.” “My tummy will always jiggle, that is how it is after having a child” “A spinning challenge is way too hard and intense.” “Just because I did 30 days of Hot Yoga, doesn’t mean I can do 30 days of Spinning!” “I’m such a loser for not being able to control all this negative thoughts.” “I should know better and take it easy.” “Maybe my muscles will be so sore that I will miss days of spin classes.” “If I know I will miss days, what is the point of starting?” “Shoot, the hell with it.” “The vicious cycle can only be stooped by me and I’m feeling drowned in negative thoughts.” “All this because I haven’t exercised in 3 weeks!” “It’s my fault and I have no business writing about it.” “What can I teach others if I am still figuring things out?” “How can I encourage others if I’m at times discouraged by my own traitor mind?”

These negative thoughts run through everyone’s mind. Especially the next day after a great workout. A first workout in a while. Your muscles are socked at what they have been through and hate the fact that you are making them work and change and grow.

Our brain doesn’t like change. We like things to be comfortable and easy and enjoyable now rather than later. Changing habits is hard work because you need to not only fool your brain, but also convince it that it’s in its best interest to change and that it will get easy and the reward will be much higher.

I’m really into reading and learning about human psychology and personal development, but I didn’t want to preach in this post. I wanted something raw, something that just doesn’t get said often enough.

Even the most positive people have negative thoughts sometimes.

Even people who know better, struggle with themselves some days.

But it’s okay.

It’s okay to be sore.

It’s okay to let these negative feelings out, because they do lose their power.

Once we read the madness that rests in our mind, it becomes less intimidating.

Lies become easier to spot. And they are all lies.

We are better than the pain we feel when we are sore.

We have the power to overcome our “bla” or “ouch” moments.

The best thing to do when you feel sore is to do exactly what you don’t feel like doing. Your body will hate you. It will hate you so much that in the end it will love you so much that it will make crazy make-up sex with you!

It’s mind over matter. And when that negative voice of the mind tells you to quit, listen to it a bit, write it down, take a breath and then try to listen to the other voice. It’s not by chance that they say “stop listening to voices in your head.” There are more than one voice. Thank God! You should listen to both of them. Give them a chance to express themselves, but you are the moderator.

You decide which voice you will follow.

By listening to the positive and encouraging voice you will rise up.

You will have everything to gain.

You will be sore no more.

I’m glad I got my but in the car an hour before my spinning class. I wasn’t going to take chances and self-sabotage myself. I wasn’t going to make excuses and be late because of stupid traffic. I was determined to get on that bike and more to the music.

Everything got 100% better half way through the class. Surprisingly, i didn’t feel sore anymore and I was having so much fun. Yes, I might of not been at my top spinning performance, but I was there. I was in the class. Spinning. Getting my ass on and off the bike. Adding resistance. Sweating. Making my muscles work. Change. Grow.

I was so proud of myself. Not only because I showed up and started my challenge. But mainly because I listened to the negative thoughts and totally gave them the finger.

That’s empowering!

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