Metropolitan Group Home Exteriors Review

I wanted to take the time to write about my positive experience with Metropolitan Group Home Exteriors. Being a Colorado native, I’m aware of constant hail storms. I’ve never had an issue as a homeowner until last month when a huge hail storm swept through Colorado Springs Colorado. We were left with ruined paint and holes all over our roof.

I contacted Metropolitan Group Home Exteriors, Troy King made the entire process very simple. They handled the roof replacement, repaint, new windows, and new gutters. In the end, our home looked beautiful once again! I would safely say that our home looks even better than the day that we moved in.

I Highly Recommend Metropolitan Group Home Exteriors

Keep in mind, the hail storm that rocked our area was the worst in 25+ years. Our damage happened between 2–3am. Basically going to sleep with the home you knew, and waking up to a complete disaster. Troy King really made everything simple and easy. Our home was completely repaired in two days. Very amazing! He also walked me through the insurance process. It seemed overwhelming at first, but Troy assured me of each step to take and made the claim very simple in the end.

If you have an issue with your home. don’t hesitate to contact Metropolitan Group Home Exteriors, they have great reviews and have been in business since 2004. Troy King sincerely cares about his customers and listened and addressed my concerns every step through. Once again, great job guys! I can’t thank you enough for the help!

Colorado Native - Lover Of Flowers - My Dog Is My Life

Colorado Native - Lover Of Flowers - My Dog Is My Life