Troy King Denver Colorado A+++

I wanted to commend my friend Troy King of Denver Colorado on the amazing job he has done in our community with repairing and restoring homes that have been affected from the recent damaging hail storms. Troy owns Metropolitan Group Home Exteriors and has offered outstanding service through the entire state of Colorado.

I Highly Recommend Troy King And Metropolitan Group Home Exteriors

Our home recently was damaged from one of the biggest hail storms to swoop through Fountain Colorado. Homes, Businesses, Cars, were all damaged. We also had our fair share of scam artists that would stop by our door and attempt to take advantage of our situation. Troy King and Metropolitan Group Home Exteriors have amazing reviews along with many of my neighbors that recommended them.

I decided to hire them as our contractor. They took care of absolutely everything and repaired our home to even better than it was before. Troy was very patient and answered all of our questions and made sure that we were well informed the entire way through. We never made an insurance claim before, Troy made it very easy each step and helped us understand all of the claim paperwork.

Thank You Troy King of Denver Colorado — We Will Do Business Again!

Its the worst feeling when you have to deal with a natural disaster tearing apart your home. Our home was damaged so bad, that our paint was stripped off and looked like an aged Addams Family home. it was bad! I can’t put into words how amazing it feels to now see how beautiful our home looks. It gives me the same amazing feeling of when we first bought it.

Thank you again a thousand times over Metropolitan Group Home Exterior

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