Travel Pop Up

This project is about experiential branding through creative brief development, physical and digital environment, and product packaging or promotional items design.


Both chose KAYAK as client, Aisha (research teammate)and I researched on KAYAK’s background and it’s new context.

Background — historical perspective, the service and market, competitors, existing audience, brand atitudes and behavior, company situation, brand essense and personality.

New Context — known, considerations, interactions, desired brand attitudes

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Research & Insights

The Brand —

It is a user-friendly, efficient search engine that makes you feel informed and inspired.

“One travel site that searches them all.”

The Audience —

The audience consists of people who plan and explore future trips and people who purchase what they want.

They cater to diverse audiences through their varied and customised services.

The Differences —

They use technology to create an ideal user experience.

AI chat bots
Meta search
Extensive travel data generates comprehensive price forecasts.
Transparent and Objective
Desires to needs
Multi-brand strategy 
— acquired Checkfelix, Swoodoo and others international travel meta-search services.

The Service —

Meta-search — fair price and itinerary comparison.

Airline, train and cruise tickets, cars, accommodation, complete packages and guides.

Unique tools for exploration.

Insights —

Desires, tools and customisation

1.Through exploration, they en- courage desires and tell stories.

2.Through transparent and objective comparison tools, they make desires achievable.

3.Through complete customisation, they provide customer ownership and autonomy.


KAYAK brick and mortar store will be a traveling pop-up shop in Pittsburgh for two to four weeks in 2018 summer, then be moved to other cities around the country. The store will be both a point of purchase and an icon for the brand. The shop is within 400 square feet and 15 feet tall, with wifi and electricity access.

Design Concept Brainstorm

What are the important messages and how to portray them at KAYAK first brick and mortar shop.

Brand study

Thinking about how KAYAK advertising slogans. Reading interviews with Brian Collins, Stanley Hainsworth, Cheryl Swanson about what branding means to them.

Form explorations — 1st Iterations

Left(form critique in class)

I wanted the form to have both outdoor and indoor activity spaces. Outdoor space is for people to hang around and indoor space is for visitor interactions with KAYAK services. The middle two forms, I intended to create seams between two spaces to create mysteriousness and stir visitors’ curiosity to walk in. However, I also want the form to be transparent and inviting.


  • The triangular geometric form is interesting. How do I make the cubical part in the middle as interesting as the angular sides?

Design Concept

I was interested in focusing on KAYAK exploration service. Through transparent and objective comparison tools, KAYAK suggests travel destinations based on customer prefered time, budget, temperature, activities, or countries. KAYAK encourages desires and makes desires achievable. Complete customization opportunity provides customer ownership and autonomy.


Interaction Storyboard — 1st Iteration

  1. Visitors walk on the world map platform, facing a digital screen (maximum 3 people on the platform).
  2. Visitors search destination preferences with their own Alexas in front of them.
  3. The digital world map moves from floor to screen, poping up possible destinations with personal color based on each visitor’s preference.


  • chaos would happen when many people talk to Alexa at the same time. What if using localize sound?
  • How do I create a more physical movements interactions? (standing at a spot activate certain things?)
  • How does the new content move?
  • Check out space needle — when data updated constantly and people sees the changes instantly — bring online to present
  • How do I strengthen the idea of community activity and bring more trust to the physical experience.
  • What does the visitor get after they leave?
  • Check out Disney Soarin ride experience.

Form explorations — 2nd Iterations

I started to explore not just angular forms, but also cylinder forms. I was interested in how surrounded round forms created the sense of community activity, allowing more people to interact with the screen at the same time, and seeing each others preferences.


  • Focusing on the design concept. Does the cylinder forms help compliment or help conveying messages?
  • Angular form seems stronger.

Interaction Storyboard — 2nd Iteration

  • How to bring online information to present? visitors can see numbers of people looking at certain destinations, options, ratings, recommendations?
  • Interactions that allow visitor to share their KAYAK physcial experiences?
  • data-driven design
  • How do I make people move around?
  • How to encourage to download KAYAK app or suscribe to get discount?
  • Considering shopping in the community make one feels more interested and connected.
  • How to help cutomer discover destination with budget physically?


  • Both phone and movement interactions at the same time may be confusing.
  • How do I bring the scaning interaction to eye level space?
  • Instead of scaning the floor names, select prefereces with feet tapping?
  • How can the visitor view the map cities names clearly?

Form exploration — 3rd Iterations


  • When to do what?

Interaction Storyboard — 3nd Iteration

Form explorations — 4th Iterations


  • How does the top slant curve inform practical functions? (rain-water drain/ the form fits nature)
  • Consider how the form help the physical experience, digital experience, and the introduction information on the entrance wall.

Form explorations — 5th Iterations

Interaction Storyboard — 4th Iteration

Form — Final

The KAYAK TRAVEL form creates a 360 experience. The floor is an digital interactive world map. Except the entrance information two sided panel, the surrounded wall is made out of transparent material with projecting scenes on, metaphor KAYAK’s value in data transparency. The mirror ceiling reflects projected lights, creating an immersive experience.

The form has quilities of inviting, flexibility and flow.

The Top panel is slightly concave, creating the a open space for air to flow in and out. It is also painted olive green on the outside of the ceiling to allow the form to fit in the park environment when looking top down view.

The wall panels are angled slanted, adapting weather changes: allowing rain water to drop at the same location. The wall panel with part of the entrance is bend outward to create an inviting entrance.

Plan view, elevation view, elevation view

Final Presentation — 1st Iteration

Site plan / general flow
Entrance scene / KAYAK TRAVEL experience intro
Tapping, experiencing, scanning, saving


  • Be aware of time constraint
  • More information about what happend in the space
  • List out the top three insights(for people who dont know about the project)
  • provide overview
  • Walk audience through the designed interaction visually
  • In render/visual scenes, the black silhouette is distracting… try lighter grey silhouette
  • List concluding statement/take away(circle back the points)
  • what is the storyline
  • more branding graphic

Final Presentation — 2nd Iteration


  • talked much about brand and company, need to talk more about the space and environment, location. (balance)
  • foot tapping scene need to include city names
  • people model representation should be consistent
  • ending recap more to KAYAK, not just value
  • not “i”. its “this is immersive”
  • talk and show more about the community aspect(transparent, inspired by others to scan)
  • explain why need to need to physical pop up shop the first place
  • photomontages geography location consistency
  • explain less about the material applied cuz cause more question, will it work? instead talk about the feeling and spaces created(parti diagram?)
  • When people read, they don’t listen, when people listen, they don’t read (highlight maybe keyword in concept)
  • explain watchlist when explain exploration tools(so don’t need to explain watch list later)

Final Presentation — 3rd Iteration

  • If consistant photomontages background is a problem, too many angles of KAYAK TRAVEL is not necessary. One photomontages could be informed enough.
  • scanning scene step should be iterated.


In the period of one and a half week, what product can I create to enhance the KAYAK online and KAYAK TRAVEL pop up shop experiences?

Design Concept Brainstorm & Research

Other than KAYAK app already existed inform customers function, what can be done further? I focused on enhancing the experiences between aftermath of KAYAK purchase and customer travel.

Research on what kind of education travel brings to a traveler — Cultural Differences, Cultural Similarities, Independence, Nature, Language, History, Etiquettes, Local Impactful People

Final Concept

The KAYAK TRAVEL experience continues through the KAYAK app, which tells you when is a great time to buy tickets and updates you on novel news about your desired destinations. Moreover, it provides you education tools to enhance your future travel experience.

KAYAK App Concept Wireframe