{sneeze on u}

Sleep is for the week[end]
 Except not really.
 Not for me.
 You see I work like a bat.
 Gone in the day awake at night
 Feed me fruit and then monitor my flight
 I hear destructive behavior is quite
 Someone hand me a tissue
 Because this is as close as I get to blowing my brains out.
 Every nerve on fire.
 When you’re sick you’ve never felt more alive accept for the fact that you want nothing more than to die.
 So capsize me.
 I’m the Titanic
 And this funny thing called ptsd is the iceberg.
 I’m so far gone yet my body is still present
 My being is trapped in the past
 Untapped except for when it’s triggered.
 And let’s just say the world’s been a little trigger happy lately.

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