Fidget Spinner Takeover

The reason behind the craze.

Fidget Spinners have been taking over the media at a surprisingly high rate, they are meant to be a nice toy for people of all ages since they are easy to use and since they happen to be highly entertaining not to say addicting, it is understandable why they have become the IT toy to have nowadays. Kids and teens all over the country are going to their local shops and purchasing these new and interesting toys that have been bombarding the media nonstop since they first came out. They have become so popular there are now lots of different designs and styles of fidget spinners to attract a wider variety of people. It’s interesting to see something so simple become so widely known, especially because we have improved so much as a society when it comes to technology. It can be questioned why people gradually became so amused by this toy, since there are lot’s of more advanced and complicated entertainment resources out there you might wonder what made these people think and believe they needed to purchase this toy as well.

Leo Marx brought up an interesting argument in his piece “The Idea of ‘Technology’ and Postmodern Pessimism.” in Does Technology Drive History? ed. Merritt Roe Smith and Leo Marx. He talks about technological pessimism and he says, “it surely refers to that sense of disappointment, anxiety, even menace, that the idea of “technology” arouses in many people these days. But there also is something paradoxical about the implication that technology is responsible for today’s growing social pessimism.” what he means by this is that with these continuous advancements in technology have convinced some people that society is becoming progressively more and more depressed and dependant on technology. With every improvement that technology brings there are consequences following it closely and those consequences are unfortunately not always great. This might be one of the reasons why fidget spinners have been quite a hit in today’s time, because of their simple and not too complicated concept. It might remind people of “the good old days” when the technology wasn’t so complicated and they inevitably become more attracted to it. But, it also brings up the argument that fidget spinners are solely a distraction from serious issues going on at the time, this relates to what is mentioned in Marx’s writing when it comes to people’s growing pessimism simply because it is easier to concentrate on the fate of this toy rather than focus on the current news or the issues happening overseas.

There has been a lot of opposition when it comes to fidget spinners as well, people have considered them an unnecessary purchase because they strongly believe the hype over these items will die rather sooner than later. For example: Today, the internet-connected, global economy exerts influence like the electric light once did. Gizmos like the fidget spinner fuse just-in-time manufacturing, global logistics, marketing, retail, and publishing. They exist not to serve a purpose, like play or mental health, but to grease the machinery that fulfills the desire it also invents. Meaning that fidget spinners are just an advertisement tool to make kids and teens believe this idea that they need this small spinning object in order to relax and unwind, when in reality they had been just fine without it. People believe the real issue behind these new toys is in the idea that they are helpful to people with ADHD when there hasn’t been released any actual medical proof that fidget spinners are actually helpful for people’s health. That in reality, we as a society have been fooled once again by profit driven companies that would try and convince us to buy anything that will allow them to grow financially.

Another argument that has been brought to attention when it comes to fidget spinners is that they have been an enormous distraction within students at several schools around the country as one student shared in a letter to his teacher “When you are trying to focus on your work, all you can hear is it spinning round and round. If someone around you has one you kind of get attracted to it because they are trying to do tricks and everyone else is looking at it. This means that I am not doing my hardest on my work so I get less done.” Because of many cases like this one, several schools have banned the toy. Now students are only allowed to play with their fidget spinners only when they are outside of the classroom. Now, coming back to the toy’s ADHD related publicity, students are trying to fight the ban on schools by claiming they are only using it so they can be able to concentrate in class but since there is no scientific evidence to back them up yet, they lost their case fairly quickly.

Whether or not this toy has become increasingly popular because it reminds people of a simpler time when technology wasn’t the only mode of entertainment, or because we as a society have become victims of the power of advertisement and are now mindless zombies that will buy anything as long as it is well advertised, even if it is just a spinning circle that you place between your fingers without any higher purpose than that. I believe is interesting to observe how such a small object can cause such a big impact on society. This toy has attracted the attention of thousands of people and has become popular enough for people to hold debates over it which is pretty admirable considering the simplicity of the object. And who knows, perhaps this will be the beginning of a new line of toys that are simple in nature and let us take a breather from technology, or maybe it will be quickly replaced by a more technologic based gadget that will make people forget fidget spinners were ever this popular. Only time will tell, for now all we can do is sit back and see how this fidget spinner dilemma unfolds then wait and see what the next big thing will be.