Make Your Own Essential Oil Room Spray

Monica Politte
Apr 18, 2018 · 3 min read

Part of what I do at my day job is try to create a green and healthy office culture. I love finding new ways to improve the lives of our employees while they are at work and hope that the knowledge will follow them home. So far, we have started to recycle, we have a monthly plant based pot luck, we grow fruits and vegetables in the office, and we have a meeting to tell each other what we are grateful for each week. My next venture is a shared library but I’ll save that for another time!

I am always looking for areas we can make positive changes. So, I was pleased when I walked into the bathroom and choked on a lingering mist of ‘fresh scent’ and BM. Let me just say, the ‘fresh scent’ was not fresh nor was it natural. Luckily, I had just read an article on the toxic chemicals that hide behind the word FRAGRANCE. I looked around for the source of the head cracking smell. The culprit, a bright blue can of air freshener, sitting on the toilet.

I looked at the ingredients and was appalled to find a number of toxic chemicals listed. BHT, a known neurotoxin, among the list. My mind was blown, we spray this into the air, a neurotoxin! Obviously, something had to be done.

I did some research on making your own room or bathroom spray and found some really good information online and thought I would share.

To make an all natural, nontoxic room spray all you need are two ingredients.

That is right, only two ingredients. Witch hazel and an essential oil of your choice. After a quick trip to my local health store, where I picked up Thayer’s alcohol-free Witch Hazel, Now Foods Jasmine Essential Oil and a two ounce spray bottle, I was ready to make my new room spray and now you can too!

Things you’ll need..

  1. Alcohol-free witch hazel
  2. Essential Oil
  3. Two ounce spray bottle


  1. Fill spray bottle 3/4 full of witch hazel
  2. Add 10 drops of essential oil
  3. Replace spray bottle cap and shake. Test the scent of your mixture and add more essential oil in increments of 10 drops until desired strength is achieved.
  4. Enjoy 💜

You can use this easy creation as a room spray, body mist, or spray it in the toilet before you go as you would Poo Pourri.

For those of you who are busy, which are many of us, I have a few scents available at my shop, The General Root. So, if you like what you’ve read and you are ready to throw out your toxic fragrances, support a small business! Jasmine Aromatic Mist- $15

Monica Politte

Written by

Head Honcho @ The General Root, Master of the Marketing Arts @ Entrust Direct, aspiring skoolie, dancer, tree hugging yogi, and I write about stuff 💜

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