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Knowing your goal-setting personality can help you avoid the pitfalls and tap into your superpowers

An artist friend once gifted me with a small block of marble, into which he had chiseled a quote adapted from Henry David Thoreau:

“In the end, you only hit what you aim at.”

I think Thoreau was dead wrong. I have hit all sorts of targets that I definitely…


Does it fit into a “whole foods” diet?

Catherine writes:

“Virtually everyone says to cut down on processed foods. It’s one of the few things everyone generally agrees on. Yet a large number of nutrition influencers recommend smoothies that include protein pea powder, or ‘beef powder’. How the heck are those not processed food?”

Catherine’s right: Pea protein…


There’s no such thing as a perfect sweetener

When health experts told us we were eating too much sugar, industry had an answer for us: artificial sweeteners. All the sweetness (and then some!), none of the problems. Only it turned out there WERE problems.

Although they don’t directly affect our blood sugar, artificial sweeteners indirectly affect our ability…

Monica Reinagel, MS, LDN

Nutritionist, podcaster (Nutrition Diva, Change Academy), coach, life-long learner, spreadsheet addict, amateur gardener, professional opera singer

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