This weekend, I was invited to The New Jersey Abortion Access Fund Annual Fundraiser by an organization I’m connected with, Catholics for Choice.

While I was there, I heard inspiring and empowering stories from women who were recognized for their efforts to de-stigmatize abortion and ensure a woman’s right to choose was protected.

Recently, the public conversation around women, reproductive rights, healthcare, motherhood, and abortion have been powerfully at the front of pop-culture and political conversations. …

Original artwork by Claudia Tremblay. Check out more of her art on her Etsy.

Happy New Year, everyone! Thank you for your patience as I took a break the past two weeks for the holidays. This time of year is incredible, with setting goals, intentions, and building a vision for our future. We are so intentional (which is my word of the year for 2020).

I just want to ease back into my blog posts and take a moment to set some intentions/prayers for the new year…

So, let’s invite God, the universe, our future selves into our hearts…

Thank you for taking this time to care for your soul, for your future and…

Mary kissing baby Jesus

Happy Holidays everyone! This post is going to be a bit more focused on Christmas than purity culture, but I hope you enjoy!

Each year, during Advent, I can’t help but think of Mary and how she was preparing for the birth of Christ as we prepare for Him in our homes during the Christmas season. Can you imagine being betrothed as a 14–16 year-old and being told by an angel that you are going to have a child and that he will be called Jesus? …

Photo from FilthyRatBag’s Tumbler

I got my period last week. I got my period between 9am & 10am on a Tuesday morning and by 11am I had already bled through my tampon. By 3pm I had bled through two pads.

I was dizzy. I was in pain. But I had a film festival to go to, so I left to go to the event after my roommate lent me some Midol.

By 6pm I had to replace my third pad of the day and by 9pm, I had bled through that fourth pad, underwear, and brand new pants at an event I had been…

It’s Thanksgiving Weekend!

I hope you all spent yesterday with family, friends, or customers and taking home that holiday pay. Enjoy the leftovers and the beginning of the (official) Christmas season!

This year has been spectacular for me and I wanted to take a quick second for gratitude. Next week my blog posts will continue as normally scheduled, but today I’m just giving thanks.

  1. I’m thankful for my family. My family is and always has been my rock. A year ago I was no where near where I am today, and I couldn’t have gone through the immense amount of…

Being a woman in a male-dominated religion is really hard. Fortunately, there are a lot of incredible Catholic women trying to incite change in the Church and providing resources for women who are trying to do the same or are ashamed of their own “contrary” viewpoints.

Unfortunately, the Catholic Church does not advertise these women, organizations, and resources as legitimate sources, and, in some cases, actively attempts to suppress or discredit them — even going so far as to excommunicate specific women or entire groups from the Catholic Church.

I’m here to educate you on these issues, organizations, and people…

The other day I was considering posting a photo of myself wearing a more revealing outfit. I love this photo and I think I look amazing in it. I believe it celebrates the journey I’ve had with my personal relationship to purity culture and overcoming sexual assault.

But I decided not to post it. I was scared that I would be judged by my friends and family for looking “too sexy” or that people would be scandalized by this photo. I was scared that I would lose friends or that I’d have to answer awkward questions at Christmas and Thanksgiving…

Catholics for Choice with signs outside of the Supreme Court

As a practicing Catholic and a young woman who fancies herself an activist for women’s rights, I disagree with a lot of Catholic teachings about women. After years of research, I’ve discovered it’s more important to have open discussions about my beliefs — even if it means making others uncomfortable.

Below I break down five ways to have an open, informed conversation with your Christian Community about women’s rights — specifically access to abortions, birth control, and issues directly relating to women’s health.

1. Do Your Own Research.

Make sure you are not only clear on your beliefs, but that you’ve done the research to…

Monica Arsenault

Monica Arsenault is a Brooklyn-based director and producer whose work addresses issues at the intersection of womanhood, sexuality, & faith.

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