Spring Break

I have no idea who created this meme, but I hold my cup of coffee up and I salute them. As a work from home mom, if I could have just plopped down on the floor; that would have been me. “Please don’t make me adult.”

I never understood why two simple words could get on my mothers nerves so much. “I’M BORED”. They are like nails on a chalkboard. My mother would fire back with the ever appropriate, “Hi bored, nice to meet you!” You win mom…..

It becomes apparent that everyone needs to unplug from their electronics, myself included. Time to get some work done around the house. Can you believe I am making them “work” on THEIR break?! Magic fairies created the near 5 loads of laundry, not the kids; so why should THEY *children sarcasm* have to help with ‘all’ of it.. Yet we got through it all, together.

Time to kick em outside. No not literally, figuratively of course. I should probably mention that I live in Minnesota. The fact that I can actually DO that now, is amazing. Above 50 for us means everyone was breaking out their shorts and tank tops. After driving me insane for a Minnesota winter, which can last 7 months or more…it was time for some sun. During naptime the 2 older ones lasted the entire time outside, quiet enough that I almost considered checking up on them to see if they were ok. I could not say the same for after rest time. You would think that given the chance to go outside and not be cooped up, they would make the most of it. That they would start to get rid of that ‘cabin fever’ and have some fun. HAHAHAHA *eye roll* Did I just expect that they would behave?!

Just before I waved my virtual white flag of parental defeat for the moment, I turn around to find this:

A moment of pure child bliss.

We are two days into spring break here, techincally four if you count the weekends. While I have been so busy working on the End Hunger project, which is national; I forgot to consider my hometown and the current needs of the children here. Spring break, Thanksgiving break, Christmas Break, and worse..SUMMER break; all mean one thing. For most of these children, going to school means a guarenteed 2 meals a day (sometimes a snack). When we have a long vacation from school, my heart hits my stomach. I worry about them. Are they eating, how are they getting their food, who helped them, do they have enough?

As my kids sleep tonight, with more than enough to eat. I will be getting my Ninja and stock pot out, to make healthy smoothies and an extra large batch of a summer pasta salad for some of the kids in need.

While most kids look forward to summer vacation, please consider that for others; it becomes all about survival. Survival..for a child.

Like this:

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Originally published at cupcakesglitterglue.wordpress.com on March 11, 2015.

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